Dragging GOP Down

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The 1944 Dragon is a fairy-tale plot deconstruction of authoritarian rule relevant now that GOP liars and autocrats made a comeback.

A three-headed dragon promised to protect his constituents, but they ultimately refused to believe him. New York Congressional Representative-elect curious George Santos reportedly came clean on WABC Radio. He now says he fudged some of the details on his resume, but that it will not deter him from taking office in January. He claims that he is no criminal, and has no record in Brazil as was previously reported. Is this guy a fraud and a dangerous MAGA Republican?

Are All Republicans Politicians liars? There are unanswered questions about the GOP.

Santos whose name refers to saintly in Portuguese added that he never directly worked for the investment firm Goldman Sachs or Citigroup. The 34-year-old did say he had done work with both companies. Santos then skirted questions about whether his grandparents had escaped the Holocaust and moved to Brazil. 

The Republican was elected in 2022 to represent New York's 3rd congressional district, which covers part of northern Long Island and northeast Queens, after having unsuccessfully contested the seat two years earlier.

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Rep.-elect George Santos admits to lying about resume, says he’s ‘not a criminal’ https://www.cnn.com/2022/12/26/politics/george-santos-admits-embellishi…

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: George Santos' on-camera explanation of swirling controversies

"This will not deter me from being an effective member of the United States Congress"


New York officials probe George Santos, congressman-elect with fabricated resume