No Gain Brings Pain

Submitted by ub on Fri, 12/02/2022 - 06:07

Are media organizations passing their pain on to the main lane of loyal employees who they feel have slowed their lack of gain?

And what about the audience which has to endure the gray days of Winter that are getting uglier. It seems as though every news organization may be shrinking toward next year through layoffs, hiring freezes, or otherwise downsizing.

Why do CNN and Gannet continue to lay off staff members at a record rate during the holiday season?

CNN lays off hundreds of staff

Among those let go were politics reporter Chris Cillizza and correspondents Alexandra Field, Martin Savidge, and Alison Kosik…

Gannett initiates another round of layoffs, cutting its news division by 6 percent

Among those affected were reporters at flagship paper USA Today and producers working on Gannett’s digital optimization teams.…

Finally, it’s not limited to media. Gannet reports that United Furniture Industries terminated its entire workforce, including those in Victorville, California, and reportedly while they were sleeping 💤…