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Great idea, where will it be available? Perhaps the Fall Arts and Crafts fair?

Just in time for the holidays and before the new year 2013, City Island Images and local City Island photographer David Gipson are proud to announce the City Island Images 2013 calendar.

Gipson is a native New Yorker, born and bred in the greatest city in the world and lives on City Island with his family. David began taking an interest in photography while in school. A camera given to him by his dad as a teenager, he started his obsession with taking pictures.

David would shoot anything and everything in order to learn and fine-tune his skills. David received his formal education from Rochester Institute of Technology, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Photography. After graduation, David moved back to NYC to assist and produce digital content for some great NYC photographers who taught him the business of photography, as well as encourage his talent.

David is completely focused on his art. His goal is to make a mark in an industry already over-populated with enormously talented people. Photography is not only a career, but more importantly, a passion.

Check out some of David's photos, including his colorful landscapes and you will have an idea of the type of wall calendar you, your friends and family members will be enjoying next year.

Please, contact David Gipson to reserve your 2013 calendar of exclusive pix "City Island Images"