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A midnight Colorado multiplex massacre, which has left 12 innocent people dead after 71 people were shot as movie watchers were killed or injured during an screening of Batman's "Dark Night Rises" is a horrible incident bringing another chapter to our nation's history of mass murders.

A 24 year old Jame Eagen Holmes DOB 12/13/87 is in police custody. Holmes is reportedly the crazed gunman who carried three guns and wore a gas mask as he entered the theater and opened fire at Aurora, Colorado movie complex, randomly killing and shooting into the crowd.

This guy is apparently an extremely unstable individual who should have previously been stopped, or at least receive psychiatric treatment for paranoia.

I want to know everything about this guy - Why did he do it? What is his background? What are his political viewpoints? These and many more questions will continue to be asked and hopefully to be answered.

Meanwhile, Warner Brothers has decided to pull the movie trailer "Gangster Squad". The film clip shows gunmen shooting in cinema. This shooting incident is said to imitate a similar scene from an old Batman comic book...…

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Most likely scenario.
James Holmes Sacrificed the lives of others and
potentially his own to take the heat off "his" candidate
who is getting pummeled in the news for not releasing
their tax returns.

Give them up Mitt or quit the race.
Before other people wreck their own lives and the lives of others
just to take the attention off you for a short while.