Mitt Romney: 'Culture Does Matter'

Submitted by ub on Wed, 08/01/2012 - 16:39

I have spent my time commenting here and in other places attempting to reveal what I believe to be anti American and anti Constitutional behavior in our government, I see it on both sides of the aisle but primarily in the current White House.

I have not spoken or wrote about Mr. Romney, I figured that I will deal with him on the same subjects after he hopefully attains the presidency.

The letter he wrote which I have included below, is a simple and concise communication by what appears to be an American, speaking plainly in American terms about American values and goals.

Here is a shock, I LIKE IT!

I have in general pointed out my boiled down definition of what the Constitution is:

The Constitution is the counter balance to the nature of man.

What is the nature of man?

The nature of man is to abuse power.

That is an absolute statement, the nature of man will not be changing any time soon.

Yes, the Constitution is a framework of governance, it provides within it the mechanisms and rules of running government, but the American Constitution is structured in a particular way which recognizes and enshrines individual citizens' naturally born rights, rights not bestowed on them by government but but their creator, this is unique.

Now, you have the freedom to believe in a superior being or not, that is besides the point, the point here is that the founders recognized a creator (not a religion) and formulated a governmental document that gave the individual primacy over their existence, and government, any government, by its nature as a creation of man was secondary and was a necessary evil.

Keeping this letter with Mr. Romney in mind I look forward with optimism to the installation of our next president, but I will always keep in the fore-front of my mind the filter through which everything passes.

My understanding of, the nature of man.…