Submitted by ub on Thu, 07/19/2012 - 19:06

In many parts of New York City, news and information content is limited to local events. That is because residents living in many Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island neighborhoods usually have several newspapers to choose from. However, The Bronx has a smaller variety of news and information outlets because it has struggled with poverty, high unemployment and crime rates over the past years.

However, in the Bronx neighborhood of City Island, journalism is now firmly established. Not on a weekly basis, not monthly, nor several times a year. City Island Images offers a daily news and information service, which continues to grow as it now receives thousands of page views a month.

There is no paper, or ink to recycle, or any printing presses, no trucks to unload with stacks of bundled news-copy. And interestingly enough, there are no ads. City Island Images offers a free news-gathering platform, which is supported solely on individual donations.

Just a few taps on laptop computers. That was all it takes to publish City Island Images. This amazing online newspaper covers events from "The Seaport of The Bronx" a small and charming seaside neighborhood of New York City, as well as news from the entire nation and the whole world. Everyone needs and deserves to have a daily newspaper.

City Island Images is that daily online newspaper/blog, which is part of a growing project in cyberspace. The service includes news re-tweets from many continents all over the world provided by global news content providers. There are also pod casts, live and per-recorded video clips as well as live streaming from midtown City Island 24/7.