Submitted by ub on Sun, 08/12/2012 - 22:37

The citizens of these United States of America and especially New Yorkers should be extremely proud of the way or athletes represented us during the 2012 London Olympics. Yes, NYC lost the opportunity to host these games, but we have to handed to team USA for the way they competed like champs.

Team USA took the top spot in the medals race for the fifth consecutive Summer Olympics, winning 104 medals to China's 87. The Americans also topped the gold medal count, 46-38.

I like to hear TheStar-Spangled Banner and never get enough of listening to it. Back in 2008, the USA won 110 medals to China's 100. China won the gold medal race 51-36.

"The American public has high expectations for our Olympic team and we were not disappointed. U.S. women won 29 of the team's 46 golds. To put that in perspective: Let's say the U.S. women were their own nation, they would have tied for third in gold medals with Great Britain. U.S. swimmer Missy Franklin won the most golds of any woman in these Games — four — and added one bronze.

Bringing home 104 Medals USA, USA, USA...etc.