Lunar New Year

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The following are reportedly the very best US cities to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. Top Three Cities For Lunar New Year:

  1. New York City takes first place, ranking highest overall for community and second-best for celebrations.

  2. San Francisco has the highest score for celebrations of all the cities studied.

  3. Los Angeles received the second-highest score overall for the community.

We are off to one of New York City’s three Chinatowns in Flushing, Queens, where New Year’s Eve events are underway for the next few days. Upon our arrival, we got out of or vehicle emerging to the aroma of fish and the stench of cigarettes as well as the sound of airplanes making their final approach to La Guardia Airport. While skirtin a stretch of street vendors and Falun Gong practitioners, my sweetheart and I proceeded to enjoy our return to her cultural past, with dish delicacies like duck, pork and lamb.

Meanwhile, COVID is reportedly complicating celebrations in Asia, healthcare experts predict China could see tens of thousands of deaths a day over the Lunar New Year holiday. Since the dismantling of the government’s zero-COVID policy, many have been anxious about the wave of infections that have swept through.

Beginning on January 22, 2023's Lunar New Year marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit and according to this study, some US cities are better to celebrate the event in than others.

Chinese Lunar New Year traditions…

  • Lunar New Year traditions such as giving envelopes with ‘lucky money’ are still observed, but other Chinese folk customs have been largely abandoned
  • Among them are things like not showering or cleaning the house for a few days in case we wash and sweep away the coming year’s good luck, and staying at home

LawnLove compared America's 200 biggest cities — on factors such as the number of Asian restaurants, fireworks legality and crime level — to uncover the best spots in the US for Lunar New Year celebrations.…

According to Chinese astrology people born in the same year, share the same traits. This is based on the lunar calendar. Each month begins with a New Moon and lasts for approximately 29 days. The Chinese year begins and ends in either January or February. The date is decided by the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which is based on the cycles of the moon and sun and is generally 21–51 days behind the Gregorian (internationally used) calendar. The date of Chinese New Year changes every year, but it always falls between 21 January and 20 February. The day of the Chinese New Year is a new moon day, usually the second after the winter solstice.…