Wendy and Neeraj Replace SueZ Q

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In apparent damage control, CBS has combined news and TV stations, with Neeraj Khemlani Wendy McMahon to lead a new division. 

Welcome 2 America

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Prince’s life ended too short but his vision and music appears to live on for years to come. He died of an overdose an early age of 57.

Prince Rogers Nelson was an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, dancer, actor, and director, who was widely regarded as one of the greatest musicians of his generation.

Meat The Beatles

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It has been said that 51 years ago, Paul McCartney officially announced the separation of The Beatles. Since then all their fans say The Beatles gave us the ultimate tracks.

I have never believed that you have to be either a Rolling Stones fan or prefer The Beatles, this video came to me by chance. I don't remember how or why, but I was inspired by Lennon's confidence knowing he was a genius and knowing that everything he did is great.

Spring Outbreak

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So far, the City of Fort Lauderdale is enjoying much calmer crowds than its southern neighbor Miami Beach but how long will it take?

Despite public health guidelines and local ordinances warning against gathering in large groups due to the ongoing #COVID19, thousands of young folks are gathering in large crowds on Miami Beach for spring break.

These wild celebrations are making experts fear the worst ever Super-spreader event that many have deadly consequences.

Who's America's Most Wanted?

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It's been nearly a decade since the program has been off the air, “America’s Most Wanted” returns to its home network, Fox, with an Elizabeth Vargas-hosted revival.

And while the show is returning at a time when we’ve hit peak true-crime TV, the new face of “America’s Most Wanted” says it’s bringing one thing to the table that none of those other shows can: offering “viewers the chance to actually do something” — and in real-time, too.

The Crucial Voice of America

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The recent turmoil at the Voice of America, created by Trump’s attempts last year to politicize that global example of a free press, reminded me of an incident that occurred one evening during the twenty-five years I spent as the manager of Blues Alley, the Georgetown jazz club in Washington, D.C.       

Hispanic Federation Special

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We at #HUDA https://www.facebook.com/groups/HispanosUnidosDeAmerica are proud to invite you to 

Karaoke All The Time

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Anyone who knew me during my early years of high school, college, and beyond will tell you that I was a Karaoke King before my time. in fact, there was one song that I enjoyed singing and went as far as writing additional lyrics to tear down the house. My song 🎶 of choice was none other than La Bamba.

Better Together

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According to Reuters news service, for the first time in music history, 197 musicians – one from each country – have formed an orchestra, hoping to exemplify how people can transcend physical and cultural borders to come together.

In May 2019, 57 of the 197 members reportedly met at Abbey Road Studios in London to lay the groundwork for the song.

Musicians from every country form Earth Orchestra to record unique song http://reut.rs/2Ieg818 

Ramble On Don

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Leaves are falling all around
It's time I was on my way
Thanks to you I'm much obliged
For such a pleasant stay
But now it's time for me to go
The autumn moon lights my way
For now, I smell the rain
And with it pain
And it's headed my way

Ah, sometimes I grow so tired
But I know I've got one thing I got to do