Truth or Consequences


Now that both political conventions have finally ended, the mudslinging and attacks should end and both candidates must start telling the truth in their White House race.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the Republican pick, Donald Trump should both outline what they are going to do for the US and how they will accomplish their individual tasks.

Hillary Clinton holds a rally with her chosen vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine in Philadelphia, where they’ll be joined by Bill Clinton later in Harrisburg, PA.



Hillary Clinton has broken the glass ceiling and it is now time for her to deliver the most important speech of her life.

For Clinton to deliver her victorious White House speech, she must improve her favorability ratings by reaching out to Bernie supporters, independents, and undecided voters.

This election is a referendum on the best of two unpleasant candidates, but she has the most favorable ratings.

Hillary has to focus on her sharp contrast with Donald Trump’s dark rhetoric and negative policies.



#ChasingPhilly tonight will be the final session of the Democratic National Convention. Hillary Clinton is expected to take the stage and tell American voters what she plans for US and how she will accomplish her goals.

On the heels of Wednesday's boost from many well known leaders, including VP Biden and President Obama, Hillary must continue to attract women, minority and young voters who are crucial to her victory some 100 days away.

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No Can Do Dates


Over the years, there have been dubious candidates who have entered the race knowing they have a snowball chance in hell of getting elected. We call them no can do dates. These are people, or in the latest case do it simply to improve their brand name recognition. But beware of wasting your one vote.

There have been so many. Here are just a few... Pat Paulson, Lyndon LaRouche, and The Cat in the Hat?

The Cat in the Hat for President 2016



#ChashingPhilly The Democratic National Convention completed their most important political business.

Hillary Clinton has made history or more appropriately herstory, and became the first US female presidential nominee from a major political party after the official roll call and Bernie's endorsement.

The convention's opening day was filled with drama despite the party's attempt to display unity. It apparently found its footing after Michelle Obama's take-down of the GOP nominee, followed by Bernie Sanders' forceful Clinton endorsement.



Over a dozen helpless people were knifed to death near Tokyo. Some reports as many as 20 dead and multiple injuries.

At least 15 killed, dozens injured in knifing near Tokyo

BBC News - Japan Sagamihara knife attack: At least 15 dead, reports say

At least At least 19 dead after knife-wielding man attacks facility for disabled in Japan in Japan

#ChasingPhilly The Democrats


The Democrats begin their week-long unconventional National Convention in the City of Brotherly Love with much controversy. Their National Chair resigned before the event got started.

How will leadership changes affect the DNC? via @NewsHour

5 Things to Watch for on the First Day of the Democratic National Convention - ABC News -



Following high stakes tech talks, a $ 5 billion Verizon deal to purchase Yahoo is expected today.

Verizon has reportedly made a deal to purchase Yahoo for $5 billion. This would end Yahoo' status as an independent company.

Verizon, which is expected to report its financial status tomorrow, has been the leading contender for Yahoo in a field of potential suitors that included AT&T, private equity firms and a group led by Quicken Loans co-founder Dan Gilbert, with the backing of Warren Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway.

See It Now...


History has a way of repeating itself and the following video clips may help to bring this message home.

"See it Now" was an American newsmagazine and documentary series introduced to viewers by CBS TV. The program aired from 1951 to 1958. It was created and anchored by Edward R. Murrow and produced by Fred W. Friendly.

Murrow warned TV viewers not to confuse dissent with disloyalty. You can watch it now, or lament it later.

Edward R. Murrow: "A Report on Senator Joseph R. McCarthy" via @YouTube

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