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Political Conditioning


Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was a Russian physiologist who during the 1890s was looking at salivation in dogs in response to being fed when he noticed that his dogs would begin to salivate whenever he entered the room, even when he was not bringing them food.

As we celebrate the birthday of this behavior modification researcher, known for classical conditioning let us take a look at some of the recent actions which have occurred most recently in media manipulation. Pavlov was known for saying -Don't become a mere recorder of facts but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin.

Puerto Rico and Mexico


On Hispanic Heritage Month, the people of the US cannot forget the people of Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Our brothers and sisters in Mexico and Puerto Rico are among those who need much help and assistance during these difficult, trying times. Please donate to the International Red Cross.

Probing, Investigating and Digging


Do you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? PLEASE... Don't listen, or pay attention to distractions and comments aimed at taking the focus away from an increasing investigation, which like that of a previous president, who ultimately resigned was bent on lies and media accusations of fake news. Journalism and the free press are one of the foundations of our democracy.

Mexico Quakes


The citizens of Mexico City are struggling from a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit on Tuesday along with new aftershocks 6.1 on Saturday. There are now fears that other earthquakes will rock southern Mexico. Meanwhile, mental health workers and psychologists help Mexico deal with the double trauma of quake.

Through debris and rubble, Mexico's frantic search for earthquake survivors

Quake rescuers in Mexico use a @NASAJPL + @DHSgov suitcase-sized radar that can find human heartbeats under rubble:

PR... Our Heart's Devotion


Although no one can really say when Puerto Rico will get its power grid working again, one thing is certain, the folks living on the island are growing desperate and needlessly suffering.

However, no mention of this during his weekly address and as Puerto Rico faces the worst natural disaster ever, T@POTUS rants about firing NFL players who protest

Sunshine Superman


If solar and wind power offer free abundant energy, why are we not harvesting nature's best products?

Is special interest ruining our access to affordable energy? Do you agree that solar cells are too cheap? Contact the USITC and tell them what you think as well as making your demands known.

Hang on for Fall


Hang on folks, the long and winding road is going to get more difficult before our nightmare ends. We have madmen across the waters and the insanity and saber rattling does not appear to end anytime soon. Meanwhile, things are getting really strange. White House, Republicans stepping up involvement in Alabama Senate primary runoff

Global Extinction


Massive extinctions have taken place for millions of years, so long ago that life had time to start again from zero, leaving behind creatures that were lost forever in the transformations suffered by a young, inexpert and changing.

We are the most efficient agent of a phenomenon which is as old as life itself: the extinction of species. But we are becoming so efficient in our role as destroyers that, as we begin to understand the interdependent mechanisms of life on earth, we are realizing that perhaps our own activities could end up leading our species along the road to extinction.

Where is Nambia?


Where in the world is Nambia? Someone should have told @POTUS that Namibia is located in SW Africa. The capital is Windhoek, with a coastal town named Swakopmund.

Perhaps he should visit Google, or read the encyclopedia instead of just wasting time on Twitter rants. We're just saying and suggesting.

Trump praises nonexistent African country's health care @CNNAfrica

BBC News - Where is Nambia? President Trump 'invents' African country

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