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Voter Frustration Increases


Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders scored victories on a wave of voter anger in the New Hampshire presidential nominating contest, stomping career politicians in a display of anti-establishment power.

Trump and Sanders each won in New Hampshire, indicating the high level of voter frustrations. US voters are unhappy with the mainstream and pushing their parties farther apart.

Trump, Sanders ride U.S. anti-establishment tide to New Hampshire win via @Reuters

Safety of Media


UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity knows that journalists safety needs a multi-stakeholder approach has identified the news organizations as one of the major stakeholders in the improving safety of journalists.

Thus it aims to raise awareness about the issue of journalists' safety as well as to promote and share industry good practices to improve safety of journalists, to promote dialogue on the issue between media and Member States, and identify gaps for possible follow up.

Corrupt Politicians


With the first primary now complete, it only fitting to say that most politicians have been found to be the most corrupt of all career choices. There could easily be a Top 100 most corrupt politicians list.

Defining political corruption as the use of power for personal gain, this list includes only those public servants who used their office for financial profit.

In New York alone, political toppers have been convicted and others are under investigation.

Bharara warns Albany he's not done targeting corruption via @nypost

Incarceration and Recovery


The number of people diagnosed with serious mental illness in the U.S. criminal justice system has reached unprecedented levels. Increasingly, people recognize that the justice system is no substitute for a well-functioning community mental health system.

Demonstration Celebration


Asian Lunar New Year celebrations descended into chaos as young people in Hong Kong demonstrated Chinese rule. Hong Kong Police Clashed with Protesters in Lunar New Year Riots causng chaos and following clearance of unlicensed food hawkers.

Hong Kong protesters supporting food hawkers clash with police

Protesters and police clash in Hong Kong amid Chinese New Year celebrations

Multilingual Mainstream Media


Providing multilingual information newspapers, television networks, radio stations, websites and global media sources over the internet. A new player online is NYT in Español.

The New York Times wants “to tailor our journalism and products to make them more relevant for specific new audiences, rather than viewing the rest of the world as just one big audience.”

New York Times launches Spanish-language digital edition

Step by Step on a Desperate Trek by Migrants Through Mexico

Songs By Women


To counter program this year's Superbowl, we decided to offer you a good amount of music. There are plenty of sexy songs to select from all over the Internet.

The following eclectic collection may be difficult to top. The following are a seductive, exciting set of songs by females, who are in touch with their sexuality and have no fears to share it. Listen, watch and you be the judge.

Bessie Smith - Need a Little Sugar In My Bowl (Audio)

Etta James - Baby What You Want Me To Do

Happy New Year


My wife Yirong prepared today's meal feast to celebrate The New Year of Monkey with friends and neighbors.

She produces an Asian spread of traditional Chinese foods and talks about her culture.

Today's special event will also include Karaoke for attendees to our New Years celebration.

To learn more about Chinese New Year, please watch it here:



Following two long weeks of press coverage, award shows and Super Bowl parties, the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will take the field this evening at Levi’s Stadium for the 50th edition of the NFL’s biggest game.

The winner of tonight's Superbowl will win the NFL's most coveted trophy. The game puts Broncos vs Panthers.

5 reasons the Broncos will win the Super Bowl:

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