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More Americans are moving out


The Asian economy is moving upwardly and quickly, and the European may be limping along, but Americans abroad say there are some other reasons why they are choosing these overseas locations as their new homes.

According to The Social Security Administration, more Americans are moving abroad. The federal government is sending 613,650 retirement checks outside the U.S., more than double the 242,128 benefit payments sent overseas in 2002.

Asian influence keeps growing


Would you like a hot and spicy Lay? These popular snacks pack some kick, because the latest addition of Lay’s potato chip flavors is… Wasabi Ginger!

Their Do Us a Flavor contest beat out my favorite, Mango Salsa, Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, and other less popular flavors. These unique flavors have been on sale nationwide since late July, and chip lovers have been voting on them.

RIP Ben Bradlee


93 year old Ben Bradlee is dead. He was the managing editor of The Washington Post and oversaw the newspaper's coverage of the Watergate scandal.

As a journalist during the 1950s, he became friends with future President John F. Kennedy when he moved into a house on the same block as Bradlee when he was first elected to Congress. Bradlee later wrote two books about JFK, his one-time neighbor.

For the past 23 years, Bradlee had been The Washington Post's vice president at-large.

Born: August 26, 1921, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died: October 21, 2014, Washington, D.C., USA

Laowai in a strange land


Laowai means stranger, or outsider in Chinese Mandarin. The term is generally used to refer to Westerners or whitey, Latinos, Arabs, Africans, or used interchangeably to denote all non-Asian foreigners.

As with Spanish Gringo, I am told that being called a Laowai is not an offensive term. So as I travel throughout China, I have come to accept the fact that my round eyes and excess hair is an easy target to attract this label.

However, being an outsider is not new for me. In fact, I moved to the US during my preteen years

Street violence erupts


The Chinese media is reporting this story in the mainland, while a deepening sense of impasse grips Hong Kong after four weeks of pro-democracy protests. Government officials see limited options to end this crisis and demonstrators are now willing to confront police.

Dozens were injured after clashes in the Chinese-controlled city, including 22 police officers. So far a few have been arrested on Sunday for assault. Protesters remain on the streets.

St Jude saves children with life-threatening diseases


Jennifer Aniston, Robin Williams, Sofia Vergara, Shaun White, Michael Strahan, Luis Fonsi Darius Rucker, Sabrina Soto, Jennette McCurdy, Olivia Holt, Cedric the Entertainer, Daisy Fuentes join Marlo Thomas to star in 10th annual St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign this holiday season.

Shanghai magical tour


We continue our Shanghai visit with a magical tour to get to know the megalopolis a bit better and taste the wonderful food this largest of all cities by population in the whole wide world.

My personal guides were knowledgeable and lots of fun to be with. They were my mother in law, mama Chen and my wife, Yirong, both of which know the city extremely well. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time after we arrived at the temple area early morning.

Puerto Rico, my hearts devotion...


On this date in history in 1898, U.S. takes over control of Puerto Rico. It was only one year after Spain granted Puerto Rico self-rule that American troops raised the U.S. flag over the Caribbean nation, formalizing U.S. authority over the island's one million inhabitants.

Hong Kong Follies


Pro democracy activists in Hong Kong have apparently been successful defying riot police who attempted to disperse them with pepper spray and baton charges.

Around a thousand protesters, some of which were wearing protection built barricades inside the densely populated Mong Kok district. Some chanted Black Police after public safety officials struck demonstrators' umbrellas with metal batons.

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