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Imaginus Media partners with a variety of stakeholders to increase our hyperlocal as well as our global base.

Working with nonprofit, private, public and academic organizations, teaches that civility demands never to tell others to go back to where they came from but to support their journey in reaching a chosen destination. There was a time foreigners were welcome in #USA. It's not about beating anyone to the finish line but just do your best.

Our chosen medium are words, images, and natural sound. Transforming complex ideas and observations into concise, powerful images, sounds, copy, and stories.

We are visionaries with personality, humor, and wit who enjoy building, not taking it too seriously. On the flip side of raw creative energy, selective and focused planning initiatives have a strong sense of what drives the most impact. We're highly competent using data to develop informed decisions.

We are also committed to a diverse audience by bringing a variety of vantage points on the issues. Democracy is integral to #CITYIMAGES - Thanks for visiting, come again.

















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You Got To Have Faith

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The expression... have some faith, and it will work out could be used by people to encourage and comfort someone facing serious health problems or specially stressful situations.

An overwhelming majority of scientific studies highlight the positive health benefits of faith, including protection from, and coping with illness, as well as a faster recovery time.


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The Americas comprise the totality of the continents of North, The Caribbean, Central and South America and it is the land on Earth's western hemisphere known as the New World. Along with the associated islands, #America covers nearly 10 percent of Earth's total surface area and nearly 30 percent of its land area.

Castro Convertible

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With all the DC drama developments last week, a Castro Convertible story was unraveling 90 miles away from the USA.

Apply Can't

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Since the beginning of my second career first, as an academic, and second a blogger, I have served as a distinguished visiting professor at various US Colleges and Universities throughout the East, West, and Midwest.

The following is an anonymous sample of what some of my students have said about me.…

Barbara Bush Funeral

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Did every real living president take the time to show their respects and attend the services held for former First Lady Barbara Bush? More than one thousand mourners were there to pay their respect, along with First Lady Melania.

After 73 years of marriage and to honor her commitment to family literacy, which she raised over $110 million over the course of over 30 years, my former boss @GeorgeHWBush wore wearing a pair of colorful socks with books at today’s funeral.

Saturday Shower

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This is no baby shower, nor that shower some folks only take once a week on Saturday. This one is special and it is visible tonight. A meteor shower is a spike in the number of shooting stars that streak through the night sky.

Most meteor showers are spawned by comets. As a comet orbits the Sun it sheds an icy, dusty debris stream along its orbit. If Earth travels through this stream, we will see a meteor shower. Although the meteors can appear anywhere in the sky, the meteors in each shower appear to rain into the sky from the same region.

Lyrids @ Night of April 21/22 Sets around 2A

Earth Day

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Mother Earth wants to know why she's so drained and when she'll start winning. Welcome to the 49th annual celebration of Earth Day about ways to take care of the planet.

In NYC In For the third year running, the DOT closes Broadway to vehicular traffic the day before Earth Day, in an effort to bring awareness to the fact that a car-free New York City isn’t as scary as some automobile addicts would think. Automobiles banned from a two-mile stretch—from Union Square to Times Square from 9A - 3P

Viacommunity Day

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Many thousands of Viacom employees took a break from their daily responsibilities to make a difference in communities around the world as Viacommunity Day 2018 celebrated in its 22nd year.

With employees in 25 countries participating, it was underscored by this year’s theme of All Good All Around.

Viacommunity Day saw employees take part in a wide variety of charitable activities, from educating young people and providing professional legal guidance to beautifying public spaces and assisting those in need, among other acts of giving. Viacom organized more than 125 projects worldwide.

DNC Sues Trump

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The Democrats have filed a civil lawsuit alleging that Russia perpetrated a brazen attack on American democracy during the 2016 election, and found a willing partner in the Trump campaign.

The lawsuit says a major part of Russia's attack on American democracy was the cyber attack on the DNC and theft of the DNC's proprietary information. This stolen information was then released to the public by Russian agents and WikiLeaks to damage the Democratic Party and influence the 2016 election.