Finger-wagging Time


Everyone's been rejected at one time or another in an embarrassing manner, usually followed by an extremely humbling finger-wagging episode. Others call it finger-pointing, but unfortunately, we see it everywhere.

Women marching, teachers lecturing, friends and family members preaching, or politicians blaming. The latter is probably the most dangerous because they work for you and only you can replace them with your personal vote. The Twitter, Hashtag, TV, Radio and Internet Media has the whole world frustrated as hell, but our so-called leaders are not even close to being humbled.

Financial Markets Commentary


It was an event a year ago that presaged the biggest story of 2017’s fourth quarter. In October 2016, Australia’s Brighann Cotton sold 88 bales of cotton from their Texas affiliate to a client in China. It wasn’t carried out in a routine way by obtaining letters of credit from the relevant
banks in each country. That process has become prohibitively complex for all but the largest corporations who have their financing denied more often than not. Recently established international banking regulations require the banks issuing those letters to carry more of the risk

Women's March


The Women's March was a worldwide protest two years in a row, to advocate legislation and policies regarding human rights immigration reform healthcare for all and women's rights.

At some of the hundreds of Women's March events taking place across the world this weekend, attendees voiced their anger over the GOP's refusal to include immigrant protections in a spending bill to keep the US government running.

Women’s March 2018: Thousands of Protesters Take to the Streets

Shutdown Meltdown


Who once said he was so rich, he would be self-funded, but that also turned out to be a questionable comment. So why aren't things going well for a certain someone who loves to exaggerate and is celebrating his one year anniversary?

Could it be because he claimed to be a dealmaker and chocked, or that he said a shutdown is ultimately the president's fault, or because he is constantly changing his position, or perhaps he has no strong beliefs?

Trump blamed Obama for the previous shutdown, said only presidents are to blame

America Great Again?


Could this Whitehouse and Congressional act be walking back into the future? Who controls the White House and both chambers of Congress? What's really going on here?

In just one year, who's managed to shut down the most powerful government on earth? Could it be President Donald Trump and his Republican-controlled Congress, which failed to find the art of a deal on funding federal agencies, or taking the heat for the country’s deep political divisions? Where is that Bill of Love the deal maker proposed?

Darkest Shade?


Where is the self-proclaimed greatest deal maker? US Senators failed to pass a procedural vote that would have averted a government shutdown. This means the federal government barrels into a shutdown after they block a short-term spending bill hook, line, and sinker.

This is by far the darkest political moment for @POTUS and @GOP since taking control, but expect propaganda machinery will try to spin it to a whiter shade so #Trump and #Republicans can reject responsibility.

José Julián Martí Pérez


To become a patriot and a real leader, journalist and poet José Martí devoted his life fighting for independence.

165 years ago this month, the Apostle of the Cuban Revolution was born in my birthplace of Habana and began to show a talent for writing and politics at an early age. He was and continues to be a real inspiration.

First exiled from Cuba in 1871, just like me, José Martí spent much of his life abroad. In 1895, he returned home to fight for independence and died on the battlefield.

Catastrophic Countdown


If by the stroke of midnight US Congress does not reach an agreement on thorny issues, US government non-essential services will cease. Senate Democrats may block a stopgap bill that passed the House to temporarily keep much of the government running.

So-called Senate leaders are pointing to domestic spending and immigration disputes that have been going on since way before the election. Congress has been unable to pass a long-term spending plan for government agencies since last year's budget ran out Sept. 30, instead opting for a series of weeks-long spending measures to keep the government open. The GOP has a narrow 51-49 Senate majority, but a spending bill needs 60 votes to pass.

This is yet another example of why every American citizen should be registered to vote. Taxpayers must now pay for the mess these people have presented to the US. The last government shutdown was back in 2013, it lasted over two weeks and cost an estimated $24 billion dollars.

The Blame Game


Where is our nation's leadership? How did we get into this serious mess of facing a government shutdown? Ask any one of the GOP controlled members of Congress, or @POTUS why they've done nothing but delay and allow this danger?

Why have American taxpayers allowed our representative lawmakers to drift closer to a federal government shutdown? The Republican-controlled US House approved a funding bill on a largely party-line vote, with Democrats in the Senate vowing to defeat the measure?

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