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NYC Media and Entertainment Commissioner says a record-breaking 52 episodic television series filmed in New York City during the 2015-16 television season. This year’s numbers confirm New York City as the premier location for the thriving television production industry – breaking records year after year. The number of episodes is up yet again – now at 15 percent over last season’s record-setting year, in which the number of series spiked from 29 in the 2013-14 season to 46 in 2014-15.

Seasons Greetings - Struggling Homeowners


Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and several large mortgage lenders are pledging not to foreclose on delinquent borrowers during the holiday season.

For homeowners with loans through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the moratorium will run from Dec. 19 to Jan. 2. During this time, legal and administrative proceedings for evictions may continue, but families will be allowed to stay in their home.

Spring Festival and Happy New Year...


Of the Horse... January 31st marks the arrival of the Lunar New Year, welcoming the year 4712.

During this joyous celebration, participants will take the opportunity to pay respect to their elders and ancestors, spend time with their family, give thanks, and look forward to a new year filled with luck, happiness and prosperity. This special occasion is celebrated by a variety of festivals, parades, and joyful gatherings that preserve and enrich Asian heritage.

History Repeats Itself


On March 5, 1946, British statesman Winston Churchill referred to the Soviet Union's sphere of influence in Eastern Europe as an "iron curtain" in a speech at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. Today in History: Sunday, March 05, 2017 Trump accuses Obama of tapping his phones, cites no evidence



St. Mary Star of the Sea is the one and only Catholic Church on City Island and one of 368 parishes being reviewed for future closure by The Archdiocese of New York under a program called "Making All Things New" - Any and all last minute pleas should go directly to Bishop-elect John O’Hara, Director Archdiocese of New York Office of Strategic Pastoral Planning Making All Things New 1011 First Avenue New York, NY 10022 and to Cardinal Timothy Dolan. City Island Images reached out to Father Michael Challinor, but there has been no response so far.



(Irving Kahal / Harry Richman)

Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians (vocal: Carmen Lombardo) - 1931
Hal Kemp & His Orch. (vocal: Skinnay Ennis) - 1931
The High Hatters (vocal: Frank Luther)- 1931
Smith Ballew & His Orch. (vocal: Smith Ballew) - 1931
Gus Arnheim & His Orch. (vocal: Loyce Whiteman) - 1931
Dick Robertson & His Orch. (vocal: Dick Robertson) - 1931
Ray Carroll & His Sands Point Orch. - 1931
Ambrose & His Orch. (vocal: Sam Browne) - 1931
Carlton Dance Orch. - 1931
Maurice Chevalier - 1931
Annette Hanshaw - 1931

Best of Bronx Ball


Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr will host the Annual Bronx Ball, a party honoring this year's inductees into the Bronx Walk of Fame. This black-tie awards gala brings together the Bronx’s business, arts and civic leaders to welcome home Bronx-born celebrities.

The Bronx Ball pays tribute to those proud Bronx natives who Borough President Diaz will induct into the Bronx Walk of Fame the following morning. The Class of 2012 inductees are: Jazz Musician and educator Valerie Capers, Hollywood Cinematographer Sol Negrin, Hip-Hop Legend Fat Joe, and Actor/ Model Tyson Beckford.



Fall begins on September 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere, or would that be Autumn? They are both
interchangeably known as fall in the US and Canada, this is one of the four temperate seasons.

Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, in September or in March for the Southern Hemisphere when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier and the temperature cools considerably. One of its main features is the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees as they pave way for further growth.

Preventing and treating foot Conditions


Think for a moment about what we ask of our feet—every day, most of the day.

We ask them to carry our full weight and take us wherever we want to go. Jammed in a hot shoe all day, taking the brunt of daily travels, the foot is often overlooked when it comes to health and fitness. But once it starts to hurt, it will quickly remind you of your neglect.

But, the good news is that feet are resilient. With regular attention and timely treatment when needed, you can keep your feet healthy and happy.

In Foot Care Basics you will learn the best ways to:



The lame duck that roared. The President's State of the Union speech is an outline of the last two years of his presidency and he appears determined to hold his own against resurgent GOP.

Obama is refusing to bend to the new Republican Congress, as he revealed his ambitious State of the Union agenda of Democratic priorities, including tax increases on the wealthy, education and child care help for the middle class.

Let the political fighting begin as POTUS' veto threats increase towards the Republican's priorities.



The definition of censorship is the control of information and ideas circulated within a society. In the 20th Century, censorship was achieved through the examination of books, plays, films, television and radio programs, news reports, and other forms of communication for the purpose of altering or suppressing ideas found to be objectionable or offensive. The rationales for censorship have varied, with some censors targeting material considered indecent or obscene; heretical or blasphemous; or seditious or treasonous. Thus, ideas have been suppressed under the guise of protecting basic social institutions: Family, Church, and State.

To understand censorship, and the impulse to censor, it is necessary to strip away the shock epithet value that is attached to the word at first utterance. One must recognize that censorship and the ideology supporting it go back to ancient times, and that every society has had customs, taboos, or laws by which speech, dress, religious observance, and sexual expression were regulated.

In Athens, where democracy first emerged, censorship was known as a means of enforcing the orthodoxy. Indeed, Plato was the first recorded thinker to formulate a rationale for intellectual, religious, and artistic censorship. In his ideal state outlined in The Republic, official censors would prohibit mothers and nurses from relating tales deemed bad or evil. Plato also proposed that unorthodox notions about God or the hereafter be treated as crimes and that formal procedures be established to suppress heresy. Freedom of speech in Ancient Rome was reserved for those in positions of authority...etc.