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US Surrounded By Huge Waves


Big waves and high surf from offshore storms are walloping US East and West Coasts.

Southern California waves are 15 feet high from Hurricane Marie and slamming into beaches from Los Angeles to San Diego, a late-summer treat for surfers in search of big waves.

Meanwhile, here on the East Coast, waves from Hurricane Cristobal will be causing high surf and beach advisories from southern New England to the mid-Atlantic coast. The advisories will be in effect in many areas.

NYC Meltdown?


A major radiation release in the area would be catastrophic to the entire NYC Tri-state region.

This is why public safety officials recently conducted preparedness exercises at the Indian Point Energy Center. During their exercises, people near the site saw simulated attack scenarios that were intended to be as realistic as possible.



CITY IMAGES is based in City Island, which is best described as a slice of NYC paradise.
Since many Americans love that small town feel and we decided to seek out the best town in USA.

See for yourself, but take a look at the competition first.

21 of the Best Small Towns in America

The 50 Coolest Small Towns in America

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US Congressman Joe Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx) is in opposition to House Republicans’ “Pay China First” Act (H.R. 807), legislation that would ensure that if House Republicans cause a default of our nation’s economy, bondholders from China and other foreign regimes and banks will be paid before our veterans, enlisted troops, and seniors on Medicare.

“Mr. Speaker I rise in strong opposition to the ‘Pay China First’ Act.

“You could also call it the ‘Put America Last’ Act, because that's exactly what it does.



The following are just some of the economic benefits to New York as a result of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Empire State Development has estimated that 1.5 million people visited Super Bowl Boulevard during four days and that spending by visitors will generate an estimated $280-300 million in economic activity in New York State. The majority of Super Bowl events and the accompanying visitor spending will occur primarily within New York and the revenue generated will benefit the entire state.



The documentary "Citizen Koch" has traveled a rocky path as focuses on the political power of The Koch Brothers. There are allegations of fat cats enjoying tax breaks, with some media and politicians helping to save them billions of dollars, which are reportedly diverted into political campaigns. The US Supreme Court says the practice is legal.

Learning About Life


As the new year begins, I am reflecting on a time when I was younger, with little knowledge of the wonders of youth and that it is definitely a defining period in life.

I graduated high school, eloped with my sweetheart as we ran away from home, got married, started a family, and rushed into trying to acts like a grown up adult. Luckily there were some things we got right. For example, we are blessed to have great kids, terrific grandchildren, but we eventually got divorced. Luckily I now have wonderful wife.

However, I have seen many friends, or colleagues who have lost their children, and have had to bury their kids too early. But generally speaking, most young people live their lives in such a hurry, they forget to pause, listen and take it all in to gain valuable knowledge that sometimes turns into wisdom.

I now realize that the key is to focus on growing into the person we want to be, not what others expect of us. Learn from each one of our mistakes. They can teach us great life lessons. Whether its falling down, being dumped, or losing a job, looking back I can honestly say that rejection taught me far more and had long-lasting effects. It let me realize that failure isn't the end of the world. Getting divorced taught me the difference between good and bad relationships, something I kind of knew deep inside, but perhaps refused to accept until I experienced a bad relationship.

Staying healthy is primordial. When we're young, it's easy to put off exercise and a healthy diet, but its never too early to establish good habits because when you're younger, body parts are stronger. Avoid junk food, soda, alcohol, smoking, etc. Poor health habits take time to break, so the future is now.

Paying for a high priced education may not always be wort it. The fact that we have done well academically doesn't necessarily mean that we'll immediately succeed. Instead, swallow a big humility pill and realize that great students are not always great in the workplace. An education is important, but its not the only way to gain knowledge, experience and find success. There are many things in life that can help us grow up fast. There are no right or wrong answers to many decisions in life. In fact, instead of seeing the world in terms of black and white, see it as a color chart. There are many perspectives, realities, several ways of doing things and not one of them alone is the right way.

While early choices we make have an effect on the future, some wrong choices don't mean that our life is over. Learn from mistakes, and grow into a better individual because the sun will come out tomorrow, and there will be another day to live and learn. There will always be people who dislike us, and the idea that every single person is going to tell us the truth and get along well with us isn't realistic. Take time to write, or learn a new language. Find folks that we get along with, then build relationships and forget about the ones that aren't worth our time and energy.

Buying new clothes, or moving into a new place will not bring happiness. While traveling is enriching, educational and enlightening, moving should not be used as solution to difficulties. Many young people travel, or seek new surroundings, or buy nicer clothes. But happiness is internal, not external.

Teamwork is more important that competition. Many people see cut throat competition as the only means of rising in their career path, but this is simply not the case. In our early years, a lot of emphasis is put on test scores, awards, and a empirical measurement of our accomplishments. What we're hardly ever told is that collaboration, is a more powerful tool at our disposal. In every worthwhile human endeavor, it was the harmonious, cumulative effort of a multiplicity of persons, often over many years, that yielded truly extraordinary results. The eureka moment for me is the realization that my personal impact can be compounded by orders of magnitude through well-orchestrated collaboration.

Accentuating Negatives


Whatever happened on political platforms and talking about issues? Instead, we hear taunts and insults for The White House race.

This camp pain has been vulgar, vile and perhaps we need to sugar coat it a bit, What do Clinton's affairs have to do with the pressing issues facing this country today? Instead of traveling up the information superhighway, politicians have chosen to stay down in the gutter.

Election 2016: Not Donald Trump vs Not Hillary Clinton -



The Bronx DA's office announced the sentencing of a drunk truck driver who pinned a young City Island girl back on November 13, 2010. She was standing on the sidewalk on City Island avenue, when Peter Wolfman allegedly lost control of his truck while making an illegal U-turn.

17 year old Emily Sexton, a City Island resident was waiting for a bus, when she became the victim of an alcohol and drug intoxicated truck driver, who has since been sentenced to prison for vehicular assault.

150 Year Old Gettysburg Address


It has been 150 years to the day since US President5 Abraham Lincoln delivered The Gettysburg Address. Now that Google has put five versions of the speech online in extremely close detail. It underscores that even the great President Lincoln had to edit his work.

Today, the speech is set in the history books, but back in 1863, Lincoln was constantly fiddling with his message. The early editions of the great speech did not include "under God," while the phrase "a new birth of freedom," one of its most famous lines, wasn't added until after journalist Samuel Wilkeson used something similar to describe a battle in which his son died.

In fact, three versions in Google's exhibit were written down after Lincoln delivered the historic address.