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An NYPD detective and two US marshals have been shot while arresting a suspect, who was shot and killed in a gun battle that erupted in the normally placid West Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

Charles Mozdir was a wanted sex offender, who was featured on CNN's "The Hunt with John Walsh". He was mortally wounded in the shootout on West Fourth St. near Jones Street this afternoon. The injured law enforcement officers are all expected to recover.



The grand dame of City Island, Jackie Kyle Kall apparently fell night before last, and fractured her hip. The 90 year young lady is in stable condition.

Officials tell CITY IMAGES that she was in good hands at Montefiore Hospital, following emergency treatment and she was transported to a therapeutic facility.

Freedom of Oppressed?


The Turks did not read the writing on their walls. Now the harsh crackdown is underway. Turkish authorities should release and drop charges against 48 journalists that police have detained as part of a sweeping purge of the media.

According to the independent news website P24, the 88 journalists for whom arrest warrants were issued are part of the reaction to the July 15 military coup attempt that left more than 200 people dead.

City Island Tours


City Island Images is proud to announce walking tours of City Island and surrounding areas.

Our small tour groups will meet @ the last stop on the #6 SUBWAY, Pelham Bay Station. We will then take the #29 Bus to City Island, where we will begin our journey. Depending on the tour and dates, our stops will include Pelham Cemetery, City Island Historical Society/Museum, The Old Schoolhouse, PS 175, Yacht Clubs, Restaurants, Galleries, Shoppes, Orchard Beach, Pelham Bay Park, Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum. We will finish at the end of City Island Avenue and return to Pelham Bay Station #6 SUBWAY.



The Bully Pulpit was a phrase coined after US President Theodore Roosevelt's reference to the White House as a "bully pulpit."

The presidency is a terrific platform from which to persuasively advocate an agenda. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had apparently been using this tactic with some success until it finally caught up with him.



Multiple local media outlets were notified of a major announcement, except for City Island Images. However, it did not stop us from breaking the story and providing our thousands of readers with the latest, most accurate and up to date news on The City island Bridge.

Mango revolution


Mango revolution is the obvious solution to Chairman Mao's Golden Mangoes and his Cultural Revolution.

Losing Weight???


According to The Marist Poll. health and employment are top of mind heading into 2016. Among Americans who plan to make a New Year’s resolution, weight loss, 12%, takes the top spot followed by getting a better job, 10%. Exercising more, 9%, quitting smoking, 9%, and improving one’s, overall, health, 9%, round out the top five New Year’s resolutions for 2016.

While weight loss, 13%, was the leading resolution for 2015, finding a better job was the goal of just 5%. But, this year, fueled by people under 45, among whom it’s number one, getting a better job also rivals the top spot for all Americans.

Do Americans plan to make a resolution for 2016? Less than four in ten Americans, 39%, say they are very likely or likely to do so. This is down from 44% last year. However, similar to last year, younger Americans are more likely to resolve to change than older Americans in the New Year.

Many Americans are also true to their word. Nearly two-thirds of those who made a resolution for 2015, 64%, report they kept their resolution, at least, in part. Similar proportions of men, 65%, and women, 63%, say they kept their promise. The proportion of women who kept their resolution increased from 55% last year.

Complete December 22, 2015 Marist Poll of the United States Poll points:

12% of Americans who are likely to make a New Year’s resolution vow to lose weight. 10% want to find a better job. Getting more exercise, 9%, ceasing smoking, 9%, and improving their health, 9%, follow. Eight percent want to be a better person, and another 8% say they will try to eat healthier in the New Year. Seven percent resolve to spend less and save more. Last year, 13% vowed to lose weight, 10% promised to exercise more, 9% resolved to be a better person, and 8% wanted to improve their health. Quitting smoking, 7%, spending less and saving more, 7%, and eating healthier, 7%, followed.

Regional differences exist. One in five Northeast residents who plan to make a resolution, 20%, resolve to find a better job. However, in the Midwest, quitting smoking, 12%, improving one’s health, 11%, and eating healthier, 10%, vie for the top spot. 13% of those in the South cite weight loss while 12% mention saving more and spending less. Among those in the West, 13% want to find a new job, 12% cite exercising more, and 11% mention weight loss.

Women, 16%, are more likely than men, 6%, to mention weight loss. Men, 13%, put finding a better job at the top of their list. Quitting smoking, 11%, and exercising more, 10%, follow.

39% of Americans are very likely or likely to make a resolution for 2016 while 61% are not likely at all to do so. The proportion of Americans making resolutions is down from 44% last year and at the lowest point since 2011 when 38% of residents vowed to do so.

Americans under 45, 47%, are more likely than older residents, 31%, to make a resolution. Still, the proportion of younger Americans making resolutions is down from 56%.

Among those who vowed to change something in their life last year, 64% kept that resolution, at least, in part.

Comprehend... فهمیدن


‘Trust me, I'm like a smart person’ US President Donald J. Trump boasts he can 'comprehend very well, better than I think almost anybody' and here is the point. "The Point"

Comprehend through its Latin etymology, from comprehendere, cum: with + prehendere: to grab also has a spatial connotation, like encompass, by which one's thought surrounds a particular topic, like the hand an object, seeing all aspects and limits of a concept, but indeed, without maybe peeking inside like with true understanding.



Our friend and press photographer Victor M. Ulloa shared this image when he was at the White House on Thursday.

That's because, for one evening, the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the president's official residence was lit up in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

230,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and that thousands will die from the disease.

The Obama administration is supporting breast cancer screenings and other free preventive services which are available under the new health care law.