The sheriff of NYC has announced that he will not serve another term, regardless of who gets elected Mayor.

Does he feel growing older along with the pressures of the job is burning him out? Police Commissioner Bill Bratton's will take part in a City Island Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday July 28th.

William Bratton: I will not be NYPD commissioner through second Bill de Blasio term | Newsday @Newsday

Bill Bratton Says He Won’t Serve As Police Commissioner Again « CBS New York

Bratton is done when de Blasio's first term ends via @nypost

Bratton Says He Won’t Lead Police Through a Second de Blasio Term

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Says He Can't Serve 2 Terms | NBC New York via @nbcnewyork



Defection is what Cuban athletes did to commemorate 7/26 El 26 De Julio, the Castro Brothers first and foremost national holiday. It also happens to be the first nation al celebration day since re-establishing US/Cuba diplomatic relations. What does that say about human rights and individual freedoms inside the communist island?

Cuba’s sports defectors: The 90-mile sprint via @TheEconomist

Half of Cuba Men's Hockey Team Defects to USA