Close For Comfort?


Judge Gorsuch is one step closer to The US Supreme Court. high court. Senators took one step closer to end the judicial filibuster.

GOP leaders vow that Mr. Gorsuch will be confirmed "one way or another," therefore we're witnessing a process in the US Senate that is not noble. It is politics at its most raw, the kind that equally confounds and repulses those with weak stomachs or little experience with governance.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Monday, on a straight party-line 11-9 vote, favorably recommended the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Democrats say they have enough votes to sustain a filibuster of the nomination.

Republican lawmakers in turn promise they intend to employ the “nuclear option” to get the nominee confirmed.

Is there an end in sight to the tit-for-tat recriminations in the Senate?

Or maybe a compromise is in the works?