Creepy Crooners


The act or sound of crooning is defined as singing in an evenly modulated, slightly exaggerated manner.
Singers began crooning in the 1930s and have been popular ever since. Take a look, listen and let us see if you agree.

Billie Holiday - My Man (1937) via @YouTube

Robin Thicke Blurred Lines [Unrated] Version ft TI Pharrell via @YouTube

MARILYN MONROE - My Heart Belongs to Daddy - The RARE Movie Scene HD via @YouTube

Delilah - Tom Jones via @YouTube

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Popular song lyrics you never noticed were creepy as hell


Haha great post.

Haha yeah some songs are really creepy. Here are some songs that were huge in the 70s but are totally about pedophiles.
Go Away Little Girl - Steve Lawrence
Clair - Gilber O'Sullivan