Fathers Day Feelings


When I called my Godfather to wish him a Happy Fathers Day, our conversation included my dear dad, Antonio who was Osvaldo's older brother. My thoughts and feelings bout here and now and also turned to days passed.

I've been blessed to enjoy terrific kids and wonderful grandchildren. From oldest to youngest, my children Natasha, Sabrina, Yiliang, and their spouses, Charlie and Steve. I also love my grandkids Elena, Chloe, Sophia, Parker, and last but no least Olivia. Sabrina's daughter is wearing the I love grandpa t-shirt I gave her. Natasha's youngest, my little big man Parker likes the Top Chef uniform I sent him.

I've received a package from my old pal Vinny, now a local mayor who sent me his personal brand of cigars EL ALCALDE which means The Mayor and they arrived in time for Sunday's #HFD celebration. It reminded me of...
Years ago during happier days, I was sent to interview Bill Cosby, who was once America's Favorite TV DaD. Following the day-long assignment, he gave me one of his trademark Cuban cigars, which I sent to my pop for him to smoke on Fathers Day, which he not only received it just in time but enjoyed it following a special meal my mom had prepared for him. Here's to the memories.

America's favorite dozen TV DaD list:

1. "The Cosby Show" Season https://youtu.be/nFY0HBkUm8o
2. "Leave It to Beaver" https://youtu.be/t-gDst6NUVQ
3. "Father Knows Best" https://youtu.be/-O-k0E4hbSU
4. "Happy Days" https://youtu.be/bHOio-oxAls
5. "The Andy Griffith Show" https://youtu.be/va_y6PPdH2s?list=PLY6wq_DnXbLSzKaGlJACjfLM04uZwb6ak
6. "The Brady Bunch" https://youtu.be/MKEQm10-n84
7. "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" https://youtu.be/4HM5KNbr3eM
8. "Little House on the Prairie" https://youtu.be/-9vnSQRZL4k
9. "Home Improvement" https://youtu.be/yv5RXL5CC_U
10. "Bonanza" https://youtu.be/2GhzAm4Akog
11. "Full House" https://youtu.be/8qp4WJiUeTc
12. "Family Guy" https://youtu.be/f8U_I46q6Wg


The Coz

What Does Mistrial In Cosby's Case Mean In Court Of Public Opinion? https://n.pr/2sCGaRj