GOP Conventional Wisdom?


#ChasingCleveland - There were some issues on display on GOP's first day that should have been avoided.

First, there was the chaos on the floor that looked like a banana republic and bully pulpit system after there were were sufficiently conspicuous opportunities to speak on convention rules and then be voted on.

This terrible dissent in which to advocate a real agenda was a wonderful opportunity for digital democracy. Instead, the opposing delegates are now reportedly now being threatened by pro-Trump forces.

Is the political system really rigged? Votes on the Rules for the GOP Convention (C-SPAN) via @YouTube

Then some are asking who is a liar now? 58 words ripped off from Michelle Obama's speech and Trump's message is that the system is rigged? Did Melania Trump just rip off a Michelle Obama speech?

Looks like Melania Trump really did rip off Michelle Obama's speech

Melania Trump's prime-time speech was strikingly similar to Michelle Obama's

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Melania Trump like you's never seen her before via @nypost

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