GOP True Colors?


Late on Friday as news of Hurricane Harvey was intensifying another legal hurricane could also have been developing. Convicted former Arizona official Joe Arpaio was pardoned two months before the former Maricopa County sheriff was to be sentenced for federal criminal contempt.

Trump had reportedly sought to help his fellow “birther,” while Arpaio’s Arizona trial rolled on.

Some legal eagles are now calling it a lawful but extremely controversial act.

Does this 85-year-old now hint at a political comeback?

Is this the life and times of a rogue sheriff?

Joe Arpaio illegally tortured Latinos.

Why did the president inexplicably resurrected Arpaio from history’s scrapheap?

This pardon may be a hidden signal for anyone under investigation for possible Trump team’s Russia ties.

America’s worst lawman's pardon is a national disgrace The Arpaio Pardon

I was a victim of Arpaio. He doesn’t deserve a pardon.

I am a Republican of Mexican heritage and a former Bush official, and Arpaio’s pardon is unpardonable to me.

Trump’s Unmerited, Unnecessary, Impulsive Pardon of Sheriff Arpaio



From Abe Lincoln to Stinking Don.


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Pardons Arpaio tweets about a Mexican wall while Houston drowns. Any doubt Trump means "Make America WHITE Again"?