The Hits Keep Coming...


President Trump's National Security topper was fired, the Secretary of Labor candidate did not take the job. Now we learn that Admiral Robert Harward has turned down President Trump’s offer to replace Michael Flynn as national security adviser and several White House staffers have been let go after failing clearance.

Why is the president blaming others? Most agree governing is not about bullying people and pointing fingers. What the hell is going on with his so-called plan to make America Great?

Admiral Robert Harward says he can't take the job

Trump says Flynn is a 'great man' who was treated 'very unfairly'

Andy Puzder, President Trump's nominee for labor secretary, is expected to withdraw his nomination

Lawmakers push for answers on Trump team's Russia ties

Given the murky circumstances surrounding President Trump and Russia, here are the five big questions:

Under Armour CEO walks back support of Trump in full-page newspaper ad

The 3 Trump-Russia scandals, explained via @voxdotcom

Trump Is Showing How the Deep State Really Works



Another one bites the dust...

Robert Harward Rejects Trump's Offer To Become Next National Security Advisor

Another One Bites the Dust


Has the US elected a 70-year-old man who lost the popular vote has spent a lifetime buiding his fake persona without blueprints, a construction permit, using foreign assistance and refusing to pay his illegally hired contractors?


Trump has attacked or condemned The United States of America
Washington Post
NY Times
US Intelligence... etc.

Why has failed to condemn RUSSIA?

TRUMP's a sleaze...

FBI officials have released hundreds of pages surrounding the 1970s investigation of racial discrimination in housing units owned by Trump Management Co., run by President Donald Trump’s late father, Fred. They should also ask the Canadian government to release the records of his grandfathers' whore houses on the US-Canadian border.


U.S. Labor Dept nominee Puzder withdraws, in blow to Trump