CITY IMAGES has launched new platforms as a public service.

We came up with this idea last year and secured the names of our new websites.

In light of increasing toxic comments, we've decided to launch it sooner than later.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

When someone says I'm ugly, stupid, fat, mean, and everybody hates me ...etc.
Anything anyone says won't be disturbing nor what's written about me, myself, and I.


I Don't Care Club... Never mind about anyone's criticism.
To join, please write to idontcarenomeimporta@gmail.com

I Don't Care https://youtu.be/7HDT2mWvks0?list=RD7HDT2mWvks0



If you have been hurt, threatened or intimidated by anyone, even a loved one, or know someone who has been the victim of sexual violence, there are resources that may help you decide what to do and who to talk to. There are free, confidential resources available on...
You are not alone!

Electoral college

So now they wanna get rid of the electoral college. Thats ridiculous,

I dont care what anyone says

I dont care, Fidel Castro was the best thing that ever happened to Cuba. Try to argue me, its impossible.

Hitler Escaped!

History Channel documentary Hunting Hitler proves Nazis lied about Hitler's death and smuggled him to Argentina in 1945. From there he plotted to rise to power again, possibly developing dirty bombs for use against the United States.


Confederate flag-waving Trump fan chases black kids on bikes and menaces drivers with bat: report http://ow.ly/OQfm306euL7


Black man in Atlanta shot by radical after saying he voted for Trump: report

Excellent Idea...

Bullying must stop, whether:
Picking on smaller, and the less powerful;
Misinterpretations and wishful thinking;
Flaws in the individual's personality;
Hidden influences or persuasions;
Coincidences or freak accidents.

I like it

I dont care what anyone says, I think Trump will make a really good president and I'm thrilled he won.