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Too many corporations think about marketing to the 55 million strong Latino Market during Hispanic Heritage month or try on Cinco de Mayo.

However, these companies have put their money where their mouth is for Latino market. We'd like to call them our top "Three Amigos" aka The Three Caballeros 1944
AT&T “Between Two Worlds”
AT&T’s #BetweenTwoWorlds is the Hispanic movement in their expansive social media campaign #TheMobileMovement, which launched earlier this year. The company began the Hispanic operation in July 2014 as an opportunity to connect and engage bicultural Latinos, particularly digital-savvy millennials.
#BetweenTwoWorlds focuses on the lives of young acculturated Hispanics between their teens and mid-30s, who easily identify with both mainstream U.S. culture and their Latino background. Accompanying the #TheMobileMovement is a Tumblr page similarly featuring Spanglish posts. The two hashtags can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.!/All/

Dunkin Donuts “Dunkin' Latino”
As of June 2014, Dunkin’ Donuts launched its Latino Twitter page, looking to cater to the company’s Spanish speakers. Last year, Dunkin’ Donuts also claimed to be the first national coffee retailer to make its website, mobile, and Facebook platforms available in Spanish and English.
With the social media campaign launch, there was a brief sweepstakes. Fans could follow @DunkinLatino and use the hashtag #MiDunkinEsTuDunkin to enter a chance to win a $100 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card for themselves and a friend. The brand is now supporting their digital Hispanic movement with hashtags such as #MiDunkin and #DunkinLatino.

McDonald’s “Me Encanta”
Back in 2011, McDonald’s introduced its Spanish-language Twitter campaign. @MeEncanta is a Spanglish-based account used to interact with fans about promotional deals through music, sports and education.
McDonald’s Latino movement is currently engaging its online audience with its hashtag #MiMomento. The hashtag, however, has not seemed to catch on yet with many of the posts coming from unrelated tweets.



No matter if you're called Grandma, or Grandpa, being a grandparent is a magical feeling. I have been blessed with wonderful and healthy grandchildren, who call me GB. Grandpa BoB and I absolutely love them.

They live in California and I in New York, where I work as a college professor and teach approximately 100, 20 year old students each semester. But I often think about what it would be like if I was living closer to my grandkids.



Mexican businessman, C. Slim has reportedly decided to dismiss one of the members of in his firm. The Donald was apparently fired after Slim learned that the real estate mogul opined that Mexicans who come to the US are criminals, drug addicts and rapists.

Slim had previously decided to give an ultimatum to Donald when he learned he had spoken ill of famous film director Iñárritu following his victories at Oscars by the mere fact of being Mexican. However he decided to dismiss definitively after The Donald continued making racist comments.



Media fact-checking is crucial, and will increase criticism and create cynicism . Journalisten then let the fact-checking begin.

This practice must become a larger segment of news for all citizen journalists. And the problem is that many of them are not merely calling balls, swing, and miss strikes. They are spewing views and making it seem like its news.

Happy birthday to us! PolitiFact turns 9 via @PolitiFact

We Need Young Leaders


During the last few months, I've been pondering the following thoughts. How old is too old to serve as President, Prime Minister and, or Royalty?

It is a somewhat curious and unexplained paradox that during earlier times, when life expectancy was much lower than it is nowadays, politicians were generally much older, whereas today, when life expectancy is much greater, it's my belief, that leaders worldwide ought to be younger. In fact, leaders should consider retiring at age 70 in order to make room for younger blood. Earth is in Urgent Care.

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Ramadan is when the Quran was adopted by Prophet Mohammed as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. This major holiday falls on the ninth month of the lunar Islamic calendar. It's observed with prayers, Qur'an recitation, and fasting by Muslims.

National, political and religious variations highlight stark differences and multiple identities among Muslims. The Sunnis, who account for over 80% of Muslims, have over centuries fragmented into three clear strands - the Political, Missionary and Jihad movements who possess individual characteristics and vary in global view. It is only the Jihadists, however, that pursue and promote an armed Islamic struggle, which led by the mujahideen can occur in an internal, irredentist or global capacity.

America is a melting pot and as long as the laws are followed, all cultures, races and religions must be respected.



This week, yet another unspeakable tragedy took place in US. This time on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Oregon. As a democracy, we grieve for those who lost their lives, for the families who lost their loved ones, and for the community that lost its sense of peace. Since the December 2012 shooting in Newtown, CT, there have been at least 142 school shootings in US. This is an average of nearly one a week.Why is there little being done, other talk and empty promises from our leaders?



There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the transition of the internet's critical functions from US government hand to ICANN. The Internet belongs to everyone.

Federal government bureaucrats handed the last vestiges of control to the ICANN, an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

The membership of this independent organization includes a myriad of governments and corporations as well as individual Internet users.

Dynasties Die Slowly


The Bush political dynasty may have died, when JEB suspended his long and painful presidential camp pain. Meanwhile, former First Lady Barbara Bush has been quoted as saying that her son may be a past president, but the greatest American Commander-in-Chief was her husband, and my former boss at USIA, George H. W.

After spending well over 100 million dollars, the Bush family dynasty could not cross the long and winding GOP political road block.

How much money failed presidential candidates have blown through this election



Representatives are coming home to their districts to find angry American voters.

US NEEDS #YourLastTerm movement. Get involved people - #VoteThemOut!

Protesters greet Mitch McConnell with heated questions

Voters Shame Cowardly Reps with Town Halls Hosted by Cardboard Cut-Outs -

‘Your Last Term’: Sen. Joni Ernst faces deafening chants at veterans town hall