Lawless GOP?


Long-time Republican Senator and now US Attorney General Sessions is blasting a GOP Senator over a delay in DOJ nominations. During his speech at the National Sheriffs Association, he defended his marijuana policies and blamed Colorado's Cory Gardner for holding up high-ranking DOJ appointees in protest of those policies.
Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks to the National Sheriffs' Association

Jeff Sessions Slams GOP Senator Over Marijuana

Meanwhile, the number three person at DOJ, Rachel Brand left Justice because of lingering vacancies at the department and didn't want to be involved in Russia investigation. The high-ranking official reportedly left the Trump team because she feared being forced to replace deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein. Brand also chafed at the failure of the White House to successfully nominate candidates to key DOJ positions. Top DOJ official quit partly over fear she might be asked to oversee Russia probe Brand Loyalty

That newly released Trump budget will gut the “peacemaker” office at DOJ. The Justice Department Wants To Get Rid Of A Civil Rights–Era "Peacemaker" Office

The Republican party's antipathy for all federal law enforcement agencies has a long, rich history. GOP Has Become the Anti-Law Enforcement Party