Terrible Terrorist


A bumbling idiot's low-tech terror attempt at NYC's Penn Station temporarily slowed down commuters in The Big Apple but failed to make a huge bang.

The Bangladeshi man, suspected of having ISIS sympathies, is in custody after his crude suicide-bomb vest failed to properly detonate during morning rush hour. Port Authority bombing suspect carried out attack in name of ISIS http://nydn.us/2l3bOWE

A normal holiday commute, then a “boom,” and then chaos. A Normal New York Commute, a Boom and Then Chaos https://nyti.ms/2kWyZSh

The cops on the scene who rushed to help. New York City Sent Its Best to Take Down ISIS Bomber http://thebea.st/2nTwYas?source=twitter&via=desktop

The suspect led an “ordinary life,” until he was, evidently, radicalized here. Suspect in Times Square Bombing Leaves Trail of Mystery https://nyti.ms/2l1EMpP

A bang, an arrest, and the all too familiar political refrains about immigration. Suspect in Times Square Bombing Leaves Trail of Mystery White House Says Blast Near Port Authority Bus Terminal Shows Need For Immigration Reform http://cbsloc.al/2knFXMh#.Wi_e-wbAj1I.twitter