Monkey see, monkey do is what one of the world's top experts on apes is saying about The Donald. Jane Goodall has been working with Chimpanzees all her life, so she knows a monkey when she sees one.

Trump's behavior similar to male chimpanzee, says Jane Goodall ➡️ by @c_m_dangelo

Jane Goodall says Trump's antics 'remind me of male chimpanzees'

Trump likened to dominant male chimp by famed primatologist Goodall | The Japan Times

Jane Goodall compares Trump debate style to chimpanzees

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Trump is a monkey

Without his dad's wealth, which was made discriminating against minorities, he's be nothing. America is already great, as our median real household income grew by 5.2%, or $2,800, in 2015.

Monkey wake up and save your brand

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