City Island Images condemns the brutal beheading of journalist James Foley. Jim was captured by pro-Qadaffi forces in Libya back in 2011 and held for six weeks. He had been with three other journalists when they came under fire near Brega. South African photographer Anton Hammer was killed.

Among the many tributes and remembrances from his friends and colleagues all over the world, we were struck by the words of Frenchman Nicolas Hénin, who was taken hostage in Syria in 2013 and held for seven months in the same room with Foley. In an interview with L'Express, Hénin was asked if Foley had talked about what he wanted to do when he was released.

"Oh, yes," Hénin replied. "He wanted two things; either to work for the Committee to Protect Journalists or work on interfaith dialogue and rebuild bridges between the Christian and Muslim worlds."

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