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Thanksgiving Feast


Nearly 50 million Americans are traveling for Thanksgiving. Many could run into weather trouble, with major storm systems delivering everything from snow and ice to thunderstorms. Once they arrive, the last thing anyone needs is an extra serving of any type of holiday dinner difficulty.

As a result, experts are warning not to allow CampPain or 2016 Election talk to control this year's Thanksgiving. Please eat your fillings and swallow your feelings to avoid all political topics. Love and peace of turkey.



With the summer patio season, OpenTable, the world's leading provider of online restaurant reservations and part of The Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN), has unveiled the 2015 Top 100 Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants.

This year 2015 Top 100 Best Al Fresco Dining Restaurants in America is music to our ears.

208 Rodeo - Beverly Hills, California
Alexander's - Naples, Florida
Angel Stadium-Diamond Club Patio - Anaheim, California
Areal Restaurant - Santa Monica, California
Auberge du Soleil - Rutherford, California
BALEENnaples - Naples, Florida



The best fried chicken has historically been served in the South, but some innovative chefs around this country understand the innate appeal of the homey, crunchy, juicy dish. Here are a couple of the best fried-chicken restaurants in town:

166 South 4th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 282-6005

This Williamsburg spot is known for fried chicken seasoned with paprika, black pepper and cayenne.

Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 1st avenue new york, NY 10003

Incarceration and Recovery


The number of people diagnosed with serious mental illness in the U.S. criminal justice system has reached unprecedented levels. Increasingly, people recognize that the justice system is no substitute for a well-functioning community mental health system.

Safety of Media


UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity knows that journalists safety needs a multi-stakeholder approach has identified the news organizations as one of the major stakeholders in the improving safety of journalists.

Thus it aims to raise awareness about the issue of journalists' safety as well as to promote and share industry good practices to improve safety of journalists, to promote dialogue on the issue between media and Member States, and identify gaps for possible follow up.



A few dozen City Islanders turned out to PS 175 this evening to express their overwhelming opposition to the current City Island Bridge proposal.

The City Island Bridge is over 100 years old and many want it to be repaired and not replaced by a 100 million dollar bridge. Some called it a monstrosity and others accused NYC of lying and misrepresenting this extremely important project. The bridge is the only way in and out for thousands of City Islanders.

YC Drinks


He was working behind the bar before he could legally drink. Soon to be twenty-one-year-old YC was waiting and bartending to pay the bills, but the job awoke a passion for service and the proper crafting of a cocktail.

A couple of years later, YC serves Self-inspired craft cocktails that he thoughtfully developed. You’ll find classics, but what he stirs up for patrons on a particular day depends on many factors, including the day of the week, the holiday and last but not least... The weather.



It’s grilling season and chances are you’ll be making that ever-important cookout decision: hot dog or hamburger? Some people, no doubt want both. So which one is your favorite?

Many millennials are said to be largely responsible for the food revolution. They often eat at home, but if they’re also grabbing a quick bite out. However, research shows that they prefer specialty burger joints rather than fast-food chains like the Big McD, or BK.

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NYC Council Seeks Food For Thought


The NYC Council is conducting this survey to gather information about the perspectives and experiences of City food establishments concerning the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s (DOHMH) food inspection process. In particular, the Council hopes to gain insight into the recently implemented letter grading system and its impact on City restaurants.

This survey is divided into two sections:

The first section includes background questions about your establishment and solicits your views regarding DOHMH’s inspection process and the letter grading system.

Diversity Now


Seek out senior executives to learn about the organizations they lead, and to network and build business relationships with these key leaders who have demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In addition to creating a workplace inclusive of race, gender, and sexual orientation, many organizations are seeking value in something else, diversity of thought.

In some industries that are known for being insular, think law or high-tech companies, seeking out talent with different thinking and problem solving backgrounds in critical.