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Eastside NYC Food Fright


The wild west has apparently moved into a quiet and unassuming east side neighborhood.
City Island is a small and use to be a relatively safe and quiet island in New York City, which is just a mile and a half long and a half mile wide.

The following video clips you are about to see were taken at a local City Island, NY eatery. A food fight turned into a violent brawl, which quickly got out of hand in an NYC neighborhood not normally know for this type of activity.

Test Comments


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Tipping Ban?


Danny Meyer may be on to something fair, just and equitable. He is eliminating the tipping pain for all of US.

This mathematics and popularity ritual is apparently discomforting to more than just the customer. Did you know that the chef, who is cooking your meal in the hot kitchen is not benefiting from the gratuity you leave on the table.

CITY IMAGES visited one of the world's most famous cooking schools and spoke with students, who are $40K in tuition debt, or more before earning their degree, just to slave inside a kitchen for low wages to please our pallet.

Headlines 4/2/12 - Open Journalism: Get Involved


911 CHAOS REPORT. NYC Emergency Services.


ADDITIONAL HELP. Syrian Opposition.

US CENSUS. Rejects NYC Appeal.


Trump Loves Everybody?


But not everybody loves .DJT. To prove he is a friend to all women, he decides to go on social media rants. It turns out that The Donald not only likes to lie a lot and has gotten away with it for a long time, but not for much longer, according to published reports.

Trump Goes on Twitter Tear: ‘Nobody Has More Respect For Women' Than I Do!

Donald Trump’s war on women is in full swing

Democrats See Gains as Donald Trump Targets a Wife

Thanksgiving Feast


The holiday season is upon us and most of these days and nights, are full of delicious festivities! However, there are millions of Americans who anticipate these celebrations with the fear of heartburn.

There are numerous restaurants of all types, ranging from fine dining to family favorites. Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving at home, with friends, or family members, remember to say thanks and to take it nice and easy on your slow food consumption.

City Island Eateries


Artie's of City Island
394 City Island Avenue
City Island, NY 10464

Augie's City Island Deli
520 City Island Avenue
City Island, NY 10464

316 City Island Avenue
City Island, NY 10464

The Black Whale
279 City Island Ave
City Island, NY 10464

Chef Rafael's
415 City Island Ave
City Island, NY 10464

City Island Lobster House
681 Bridge Street
City Island, NY 10464

City Island Diner
304 City Island Avenue,
City Island, NY 10464,

Crab Shanty

Men Eat For Women


Most guys cram way more food in their mouths while dining with women than by themselves or with other men, according to a new study from Cornell University.

Sexual selection has been commonly considered by evolutionary psychologists interested in eating disorders among women; however, comparable attention has not been paid to problematic eating by men.

The Beef with Red Meat.


A study linking red meat and mortality lit up the media in more ways than one. Hundreds of media outlets carried reports about the study. Headline writers had a field day, with entries like “Red meat death study,” “Will red meat kill you?” and “Singing the blues about red meat.”

Xian Food


My wife was born in Shanghai and has taken me to some of the best restaurants in that region of China. Her best friend is from Xian, so naturally these two gorgeous ladies took me to taste the best Chinese food in NY, according to them and many others.

I can honestly say the food from Xian food is extremely tasty and not oily, or greasy. It was not only delightfully delicious, but the prices were less than what I was expecting.