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SYRIAN MASSACRE SILENCED. Where is Global Outrage?
The killings in Daraya by that regime's forces attracted worldwide condemnation at the time, but there has been few words and little action from UN since then.

CHINA SNUBS IMF. Senior Officials Are No Show.
China’s finance chiefs opted out of annual IMF meetings and the World Bank in Tokyo, as a result of China and Japan tensions over islands in the East China Sea. Meanwhile, IMF warns Euro-zone of capital flight as the
fund is concerned that European banks’ balance sheets may damage growth and increase unemployment.

ROMNEY'S LEAD. Campaign Plays Down Polls.
GOP plays down sense of optimism and insist that race will be close as candidates prepare for vice-president debate.

ISRAEL VOTE? Netanyahu Asks For Early Elections.
Amid rising regional tensions, Prime Minister relies on his strong showing and hopes to defuse a coalition crisis.

INDIA TOILETS. Campaign Lifts Lid On Graft.
Although the manual scavenging of fecal waste was outlawed 20 years ago, poor Hindus still fulfill that work as 600m Indians lack lavatories.