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Politicians don't make a difference... But every day, people can and do!

Gotta Have Heart

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All Americans must stay strong, fearless, and wise, but mostly, we should have a heart, hope, tolerance, empathy, and lots of love.

For example, The Amazing Mets took a humoristic jab at The Dammned Yankees following a massive upset in the 1969 World Series over the Baltimore Orioles.

Hart Island Park

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More than one million impoverished bodies have reportedly been buried here. Now It's becoming a public New York City Park.

Hart Island is located at the western end of Long Island Sound, in The Bronx in the northeastern portion of New York City. Measuring approximately 1 mi long by 0.33 mi wide, Hart Island is part of the Pelham Islands archipelago east of City Island.

Hart Island, a potter's field where New York City has buried its unclaimed dead for over a century, will finally accept visitors this year.

And Throw Away The Key

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American Political and Sports commentator Keith Theodore Olbermann has reportedly had it with Donald John Trump's fiery rhetoric.

Olbermann spent the first 20 years of his career in sports journalism. He was a sports correspondent for CNN and local TV and radio stations in the 1980s, winning the Best Sportscaster award from the California Associated Press three times.

On a personal note, Trump is the fat failure he is because he is unwilling to accept it, learn from it, and grow.

You can't teach old dogs new tricks, and he's a perfect example. A hound dog. 

Florida GOP Goonies

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The Florida Republican party continues to spark bipartisan backlash for its increasing incredible stupidity.

The Florida GOP is the affiliate of the Republican Party in the U.S. state of Florida. Although the Democratic Party dominated Florida for most of its history, the Republican Party has rapidly gained ground in recent decades and is now the state's dominant party.


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While talking with a troubled individual in Mariposas, California, they underlined the dangers of Climate Change despite Trump's lies.

Three Frenemies

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A frenemy refers to a person with whom one is friendly, despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry, or a friend and an enemy.

There are three types. An Ambivalent Relationship. This type of frenemy is someone you have an ambivalent relationship. You get some positives out of the relationship, but there are also negatives.


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Earthquake LIVE: 6.6 magnitude quake in Afghanistan, tremors scare neighboring India, Pakistan.

A substantial magnitude 6.5 quake rattles Afghanistan, Pakistan

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake has rattled much of Afghanistan and Pakistan, sending panicked residents fleeing from their homes and frightening people even in remote villages…