Reigning With Fear


Ideas after wiping American tears. This could happen to anyone near and dear to us while USA politicians continue reigning with fear. 

Americans have experienced over hundreds of mass shootings, including dozens of school shootings. WHY?

As a dad, grandpa, a journalist, a communications educator, and a former area resident, it makes me feel sick inside to think that a couple of hundred children, teachers, and other innocent Americans have lost their lives during mass shootings since the Millenium, according to gun violence databases.



The world condemned the shooting at an elementary school in Texas that killed 19 kids and two teachers. #GOP Guns Over People?

¿Por Qué? Why?

At least 19 children and two teachers were killed by a gunman at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, according to the Texas Rangers.

The dead gunman was 18-year-old Salvador Ramos a student at Uvalde High School, authorities said.

Why are Republican politicians a crew of misfits that only point fingers refusing to accept any responsibility for their inaction?

This does not happen anywhere else. The UK banned private ownership of handguns and initiated the Firearms amendment to tighten gun control. Since 1996 there have been NO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS

End The Madness


Limiting the sale of firearms in the USA is the greatest pro-life issue Americans face today that Republicans refuse to control.

A gunman opened fire Tuesday at a Texas elementary school, killing 14 children and their teacher as well as wounding others, the shooter is dead.

600 Million


Hispanophones are estimated at 577 million including second-language speakers globally, making Latinos a political powerhouse.

Spanish the second most spoken language in terms of native speakers. Around 360 million live in Hispanic America and 45 million in Spain 70 million in Europe.

However, the Latin American and Caribbean population is equivalent to 8.42 percent of the total world population.

Easy Come Easy Go


The richest in the world lost most money after the pandemic swelled their wallets. From Bezos to Zuckerberg.

Readily won and readily lost, as in Easy come, easy go that's how it is for Jeff or Mark when they play the stock market

This phrase states a truth known since ancient times and expressed in numerous proverbs with slightly different wording 

God Only Knows


The conservative Catholic archbishop of San Francisco is banning U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from Holy Communion.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone announced the action against the House Speaker, who is a life-long Catholic, after her vote in Congress to codify Roe v Wade amid the Supreme Court controversy.

POTUS Uniting The World


President Joe  Biden launches a long-anticipated Indo-Pacific trade pact. A deal to help the U.S. work more closely with Asian nations. 

So far POTUS and The Democrats have managed to pass an infrastructure program that is rebuilding the United States of America. President Biden has also brought NATO and, Europe closer together as well as the entire Western alliance stretching from Canada up to Finland and all the way to Japan.

Legionnaires In The Bronx


NYC Health Department Investigating a Community Cluster of Legionnaires' Disease in the Highbridge Neighborhood in The Bronx

USA Middle Class Disaster


Our American middle class keeps shrinking, according to social scientists. The alarming figure keeps dropping by double digits.

It has been a slowly developing catastrophe, that causes great damage to the quality of life of the average USA resident:

it is a bipartisan problem with a required unified solution that shows a dangerous move in the wrong direction. Gone are the days when America was self-sufficient and our youth worked hard, studied more, and learned mostly?