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I assume Einstein researcher friends, who once invited me to play a board game called Pandemic had no idea how close this would get to becoming a reality. The cooperative game Is played by helping friends beat a specific decease.

China’s coronavirus outbreak couldn’t have come at a worse time: Lunar New Year Because this is the major travel season for celebrating The Spring Festival with family and friends.

You’re Fired

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Today is the first day of the rest of Trump’s life in many more ways than just one. May God help US.

Donald Trump is a Protestant. He attended the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens, where he had his confirmation. His parents then joined the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, part of the Reformed Church.


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Any stable genius can really tell that Climate Change is real. Bringing the carbon footprint of any city down to zero requires big changes. So what can be done, and how quickly?

The weather in New York is expected to dip into the single digits this week!

'Get Your Mops & Buckets Ready!' — Trump's Infuriating Answer To Rising Seas…

Not Royally High

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They both got Royally Flushed by the Queen who was apparently pissed.

Buckingham Palace: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle give up royal titles, payback millions used to renovate their home near Windsor Castle and severed from funds.

Super Bowl LIV

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I am not a big footballer, although I did play in school during my younger years. In fact, I have also attended a Super Bowl, but I must confess that it was mostly for the social gathering value as well as the halftime performance.

However, this year is different because of the reference to LIV, which is what I call my youngest grandchild. So I will be watching this year to see who wins, for Olivia.

As the NFL playoffs are down to the final AFC and NFC national championship game aka Super Bowl LIV.


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Please, tell the US something we don’t know besides the fact that holding up Ukraine aid was illegal. Didn’t everyone know this before GAO said so?

The GAO doesn’t just conclude the White House broke the law with Ukraine aid (mirroring Article 1. Also says was obstruction of the investigation Article 2 and raises profound constitutional worries. That obstruction is still continuing

Chief Hits The Fan

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Are POTUS and VP aka Commander and Chief and the Vice President ready for what’s about to happen to them next?

While Trump and Pence continue to rely on support from Communist countries like Russia, China and North Korea, they have yet to figure out that they are he is being played Bigly.