Facts Matter


Newspapers are a critical part of the American news landscape, but they have been hit hard as more and more Americans consume news digitally. The industry’s financial fortunes and subscriber base have been in decline since the mid-2000s, but their website audience traffic has again begun to grow. Explore the patterns and longitudinal data about U.S. newspapers below.



The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences today announced the nominees for the 2022 News & Current Affairs categories. 

The International Emmy® winners will be recognized alongside their American news peers during a ceremony in New York City, on September 28.

The 8 nominees span 6 countries: Brazil, France, Germany, Nigeria, Qatar, and the United Kingdom.


Afghanistan: Taliban Takeover

Al Jazeera English


Scratching His Head?


A head-related body language like this head-scratching indicates he’s worried, confused and wondering when the next foot will drop.

High School Memories


Sophia, my teenage grandchild, and my oldest daughter’s youngest daughter moved out of her parents' cocoon into a college dorm.

The job as I see it is to excel, receive a well-rounded education, and have some fun, while you’re at it. I know she can do it.

And as most folks know, the high school diploma is earned after a course of study lasting four years, from grade 9 to grade 12. The diploma is awarded and in many cases, it is seen as the first day of the rest of your life. Parker and Olivia are next!!!

Freedom of Speech

We have thought that democracy is like a town square, a piazza, or a bazaar, where passionate disagreements take place. The ability to have them is what the who world calls FREEDOM OF SPEECH,

Follow Your Dreams


No woman or girl, and no boy or man on earth should ever be prevented from pursuing a career in their chosen field of dreams.

As my oldest daughter, Natasha's youngest daughter Sophia is embarking on her college life away from home, she should know that the sky is the limit for her.

Enjoy University Life. You're an adult, so continue to act like one. Have you read any of the following books or watched the films?

One of my campus suggestions is to fall in love with the Library. It's a wonderful place for great ideas. 



Is the Republican former guy a GOP spy? He is investigated under Espionage Act, with Top Secret SCI documents taken from him.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation search shows agents recovered 11 sets of classified documents from its search, including some materials marked as Top Secret SCI. This is one of the highest levels of classification. Does this mean that Mar-a-Lago is a national security risk?

Federal investigators identify three crimes that the Justice Department is looking at in the probe:

POTUS Victories


President Joe Biden speaks softly and carries the weight for all Americans regardless of their party affiliation living in the USA.

Good Will Towards...


Peace on earth and goodwill towards all who do not discriminate, always follow the rules, and will never do anyone any harm. 

How did humanity take a sharp turn and go from WE to ME in just a few years? Peace on earth. It doesn’t feel like it. The world is full of conflict. Since the angels’ announcement, we have seen an endless string of wars. The peace announced by the angels was very different than the end of the war itself because fighting and war have gone on forever.

Love Potion Number Nine


YaY True <3 Lovebirds made it to nine years of marriage. Next comes their very first decade of wedded real romantic bliss.

In true bliss, our world is dissolved as in water, consumed as in fire, so nothing remains except passion and ecstasy.