The Republican Coup


Did Trump sell out his homeland to become the American dictator so Communists could evict the United States from Europe and Asia?

As a result, POTUS Joe Biden is facing major foreign policy challenges in his first year. Unlike China, little Putin’s Russia is a tiny economic midget among global powers. Its economy ranks 11th in the world, behind Brazil’s, and it’s about the size of South Korea’s. Russia can't win a head-on confrontation with Washington, that's why he needs China’s Xi.

USA Latinos


A shift towards the Republicans by Hispanic voters continues to be a real surprise to this Latino without any political affiliation.

My Island Attraction


I'm lucky and truly blessed to live in a gorgeous place. I call City Island - A Slice of NYC Paradise, but I was born on another island.

See Streaming TV


Following a long global pandemic, streaming services are beginning to tank as investors question their growth development prospects.

Their shares continued to slide and are tumbling by double digits after streaming video services see a slowdown in subscriber growth.

Before all streaming services were readily available, some Americans tried to be home in time so they could be prepared for must see TV when it actually aired.

Frigid Friday


A dangerously cold and wintry arctic air mass has been gripping much of the Eastern two-thirds of the USA all day today.

This frigid Friday air mass will set the stage for a wintry mess of snow, sleet, and freezing rain across parts of the Carolinas and the Delmarva Peninsula through Saturday morning, with single digits expected.

The frozen precipitation may result in dangerous travel conditions and scattered power outages.

No Political Affiliation


Finally, it is beginning to happen after all this time. The USA political party preferences shifted greatly during the previous year 2021.

When I because an American citizen, I was asked by an immigration official which party I wanted to register, Republican, or Democrat. I asked if there were other options. The response was a warning. Yes, but you will not be able to vote during primaries.

I then registered NPA - No Political Affiliation. U.S. Political Party Preferences Shifted Greatly During 2021



Silence is a great teacher. Listen and learn. There is no substitute for creative inspiration, knowledge, and stability that come from knowing how to connect your core of inner silence.

Staying quiet can bestow the ability to listen. Few do it well. Most only listen until it's time to speak.

Silence Brings Powerful Insights to Our Lives