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When POTUS doesn't like #COVID numbers, he stops testing and listening to science. When he doesn't like US Census numbers, he stops the count, when he doesn't agree with US intelligence, he stops listening, now that he doesn't want to accept American citizen vote tallies, he wants to stop the US Mail from delivering the ballots.

Since the leader of The GOP does not like to read, allow me to pint out that Abe was not only a real Republican president, but Abraham Lincoln, was the Postmaster of New Salem, Illinois, and was often seen delivering mail back in 1833.

The Democrats Dream Team

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Joe Biden has announced that he has chosen US Senator Kamala Harris D California as his running mate. #KamalaHarris and @JoeBiden are expected to make their first appearance together as running mates later today.

The California senator is the first Black woman and woman of South Asian descent on a major party ticket. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are due to make their first appearance together as running mates today. 

Rushing Russians

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Putin says Russia has rushed delivering a Coronavirus vaccine, but there is an increasing amount of real scientific global pushback. Medical experts are immediately denouncing Russia’s ‘irresponsible’ claims to have found a #COVID-19 vaccine.

This one could indeed be a Russia hoax, since Putin boasts becoming the first nation to officially register a #COVID19 vaccine and declare it ready for use, despite international disbelief.

Tell Trump "You're Fired"

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There are more than five million one hundred and sixty-one thousand reasons to vote Trump out of the White House on Election Day.

He may try again and again, but POTUS cannot rebrand the virus. He blames China, but #COVID19 in the #USA will always be known as the Trump Virus. Here is a superlative reconstruction of what the president did, and didn’t do to get America to this point on the #coronavirus pandemic.

Our Wedding Anniversary

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To those who were there, or if you were elsewhere, and for the ones who are no longer able to share... Our wedding anniversary, lucky number seven is here!

USA Sick and Tired By POTUS

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Is an impeached president ignored after he makes outlandish claims when Americans increasingly react with a collective shrug?

No Social Security?

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The Election is 86 Days away while POTUS plays golf and delays taxes funding Social Programs before they may eventually fade away. POTUS is using #COVID19 as cover to defund #SocialSecurity and #Medicare in the middle of a pandemic that will trigger the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

#SwampDonald is placing Medicare and Social Security at risk, by generating uncertainty on future tax bills and putting more fiscal pressure on #USA taxpayers.

Was this designed to foment additional chaos and confusion, while the GOP sabotages the USPS to fix the election?

Track Your Ballots

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President Trump bailed out corporations during the #coronavirus crisis, but he refuses to provide vital assistance to the Postal Service 

POTUS threatens to VETO any relief for the U.S. Postal Service, meaning it could be BANKRUPT before Election Day.

American citizens should brace themselves for what is expected to be the first #USA presidential Election Day conducted by mail.

It’s likely to be a wild ride, with a majority of Americans who are expected to embrace this option. Ensure your vote counts.

International Orgasm Day

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Today is a special holiday that celebrates sexual climax and raises awareness for issues surrounding orgasm, it is typically celebrated in the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada, and everywhere else behind closed doors.

Whenever it's cocktail time some folks fancy a Slippery Nipple followed by Sex on the Beach <3

FrolicMe's glossy videos are actual 'porn for women' https://mashable.com/article/frolicme-erotic-porn-anna-richards-interview/