Elections Have Consequences


Regardless of which side of the abortion issue any American stands on, SCOTUS conservative jurists have managed to rewrite history.

The ruling reportedly signals a new battle at the polls for future elections. Republicans have won only eight of the last 14 presidential elections and two of those presidents did not win the popular vote, so the president has seemed like more or less a toss-up since the debacle of the Lyndon Johnson presidency.

A Bipartisan Gun Bill


US Senate breaks decades-long impasse on gun safety. The 65-33 vote is aimed at keeping firearms away from dangerous people.

The Wild East

The Wild West was awesome, but that's not to say it was as attractive as some video games, television, and films make it out to look.

There's a lot of false facts about the old west out there in the wild, and we're here to run 'em down, tie 'em up, and leave 'em on the train tracks, like the dastardly myth-busters we are.

Prepare for the wild east, and more specifically, The Big Apple firearms circus, because SCOTUS has ruled that NY gun laws are restrictive.

Far Out Man


The phrase far out may not just mean advanced, experimental, nonconformist, avant-garde, unusual, innovative, or unconventional.

Afghanistan Earthquake

The deadliest-ever reported earthquake rattles Afghanistan, with over 1000 killed, and more than 1500 people injured.

An extremely powerful earthquake has killed over 1,000 people and left hundreds injured while many people were sleeping. The quake struck eastern Afghanistan early Wednesday morning, killing over 1,000 people, and leaving more than 1,500 injured, officials told Bakhtar News Agency 



Historians Rank Every President in history. The votes are in and the POTUS with the lowest score isn't who you might expect.

But then again as they say-  'The jury is still out' - Judgment has not yet been finalized; especially due to information being completed as we speak. The term has been a staple headline in American newspapers for at least 150 years; for example, this from The New York Daily-Times, May 1850: Jury is still out, with no prospect of immediate agreement.

Four Strikes, He's Out


Following the fourth hearing, there was the same number of takeaways. Four strikes and Donald Trump should be out and locked up.

Trump and his team:

Public statements: Americans are giving us so much evidence of election misconduct...  

Private conversations: We’ve got lots of theories. We just don’t have the evidence required.

Joe Biden is old and in shape. But Donald Trump is old, fat, and a traitor.

Rubber Soul


The Beatles’ Rubber Soul was the sixth studio album by the British superstars. It was released in 1965 just before Christmas.

This LP had A&E - Advice, and Entertainment. It was written by the quiet one, but have no fear, he made himself heard loud and clear. Here's the final product of a productive recording session. https://cimages.me/content/rubber-soul

Summertime Blues


Summertime and the living ain’t easy.. NRA sponsored firearms keep causing an alarming number of innocent Americans to die.

The start of summer officially took place this morning at 5:13 am. Keep in mind this correlates to the start of "astronomical summer". See the infographic for more details. #nycwx #nywx #njwx #ctwx #liwx