Inclusive Community

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Hello, hola, ni hao - We are expanding #CityImages so as to allow our thousands of daily readers to contribute by publishing their own news analysis, or feature stories - It’ll be curated. to help create the next crop of great information pundits, and we want to give everyone an opportunity. If you’re interested, keep reading to make sure this is the right fit for you, and then contact 

Island In The Steam

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Mainland China’s strategic and business interests have the anti-PRC sentiments prevailing among the military brass and civilians alike could spell trouble for Beijing.

Approaching Mothers Day

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Everyone knows that every day is Mother's Day, but as we approach May 9 which would have also been my oldest and late brother's 77th birthday I made special plans for both. In high school football, Tony was known as The Cuban Bullet.

Interestingly enough, my mom, Margarita was initially told not to expect children, but she prayed and was eventually blessed three times over with boys.  If they were still alive, there are a million things I would say to them. They were funny, loyal, protective, and well, everything else, we can say about special people in our lives.

A Happy Mother Day?

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Just in time for Mothers Day, a 25-year-old West African mom from Mali has given birth to nine babies. A NONUPLET BUNDLE.

Halima Cisse delivered the five girls and four boys on Tuesday at a hospital in Morocco, according to Malian health officials.

The Malian government decided to fly the woman to the north African state so that she could receive better healthcare there. 

We wish her much patience but peace and quiet may not be in store for the new mother of nine babies that roar and more.

Totally Attracted

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I enjoy sending them gifts, but the real present we all need more than ever is to live and love each other and get closer together again.

US Refugee Cap Quadrupled

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President Joe Biden says the U.S.’s admissions cap for refugees will increase from A record-low of 15K to 62K before September.

Mexico City Tragedy

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The Mexico City metro overpass has collapsed onto the road with multiple deaths reported and a massive number of injuries.

According to published reports, an overpass for Mexico City's metro partially collapsed with train cars on it, videos on Mexican television and social media showed, although it was not immediately clear the number of injuries and deaths.

World Press Freedom Day 2021

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As people on earth celebrate World Press Freedom Day 2021, everyone should pause and take time to consider the crucial role that all journalists everywhere play while informing society during difficult times for humanity.  #WorldPressFreedomDa

New Rochelle Shootings

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Multiple shootings in New Rochelle, New York leave 1 dead and 4 people injured., according to public safety officials.

The New Rochelle Police and the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office are investigating the rash of violence.

Police confirm .223 casings found at the scene of the first, fatal shooting.  A former US Navy Weapons Officer explains: this

is reportedly a high power military and hunting cartridge used in assault rifle systems; such as the ubiquitous M-16/M-4 series.

TV Week Watch

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These past few days gave American late-night TV hosts the chance to poke fun at a varied amount of events. These included

POTUS Biden’s congressional address, The Oscars, and these comics could not resist making fun of Don's favorite butt-

kissing clown Rudy after the feds raided the office and home sweet home. It’s not immediately clear exactly why #DOJ

chose this day to strike, but it wasn't out of character for the new AG.


As a multilingual communicator and college professor, I always wanted to produce a late-night talk show around humorous