Where to Live

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Have you ever thought of living is a special place where you can grow old happily, comfortably gracefully, and in good health?

According to Economist Intelligence Country analysis—access detailed country-specific economic and political forecasts, as well as assessments of the business environments in different markets with EIU Viewpoint. 

My personal preference is to be next to my family. It is clear to me and many other that family support is primordial.

Japan’s Abe Assassinated

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Shinzo Abe, who served as Japan’s longest-standing prime minister, has been assassinated while delivering a public speech.

Abe was 67. years old. He was shot in the city of Nara, according to #NHK a suspect is under an arrest.

Local police say the man suspected of attacking Abe, who was giving a speech in front of Yamato Saidaiji Station when the incident took place at around 11:30 a.m. Campaigning had been underway for Sunday’s Upper House election.

POTUS Uniting The World

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President Joe  Biden launches a long-anticipated Indo-Pacific trade pact. A deal to help the U.S. work more closely with Asian nations. 

So far POTUS and The Democrats have managed to pass an infrastructure program that is rebuilding the United States of America. President Biden has also brought NATO and, Europe closer together as well as the entire Western alliance stretching from Canada up to Finland and all the way to Japan.


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The essence of Zen Buddhism is that all human beings are Buddha, and beings by nature are Buddhas, as ice by nature is water.

ˈZen Buddhist school of Japan is the practice of sitting meditation leading to gradual enlightenment. Sōtō Zen or the Sōtō school is the largest of the three traditional sects of Zen in Japanese Buddhism. It is the Japanese line of the Chinese Cáodòng school, which was founded during the Tang dynasty by Dòngshān Liánjiè. It emphasizes Shikantaza, meditation with no objects, anchors, or content.

The Tiger Year

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This is the greatest party on earth with over one billion families on earth celebrating the year of the Tiger and taking time off from work.

The holiday, which is observed by primarily East Asian countries and Vietnam, ushers in the Year of the Tiger. The animal, one of a dozen in the Chinese zodiac, is considered a positive sign, often associated with the defeat of evil,

The COVID Olympics

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What if there was a decision to hold Olympic Games in Japan but nobody was sitting in the stands to watch the athletes compete?

Empty stadiums. A resurgent virus. Angry voters. The Tokyo Olympics are turning into a nightmare for Japan’s leaders. The 2021 Olympics a $20 Billion Bust for Japan. Nation expected a windfall, but the disgruntled want it gone.

Three people who tested positive for #COVID19  inside the Olympic Village had close contact with 21 others, according to Olympic covid updates. 

The Graveyard of Empires

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The Russians were coming, came and left. Afterwards the American military gave it a long costly attempt, and now reportedly, China?

Nearly 20 years later and a countless loss of life with an alarming cost of trillions since US troops invaded Afghanistan to oust the Taliban and attack al-Qaida, Americans are advancing a final withdrawal.

NYC Cherry Blossoms

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The good news is that Spring Equinox started on March 20th, but in NYC it's now Spring because Cherry 🌸 Blossoms have started blooming. The bad news is that Japan is experiencing the earliest cherry blossom bloom in 1,200 years. Experts point to global climate change as the cause. Gorgeous, but depressing! 

"IF" JR Kipling

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The following should be required reading. ‘IF’ was written by an Indian born, English Nobel Laureate poet and journalist named Joseph Rudyard Kipling. It can serve as the ultimate inspiration that tells all of us how to deal with different phases in life and helps us to become better people.

The poem, written in 1895 and first published in ‘Rewards and Fairies’, 1910 is 32 lines long with four stanzas of eight lines each. It is a tribute to Leander Starr Jameson. The poem is written in the form of paternal advice to the poet’s son, John.