Our Slice of NYC Paradise


We welcome you to New York, New York, a city so nice we had to write it twice. We are offering you our slice of NYC Paradise.

Now that Spring has sprung and Summer will surely come, we have some interesting suggestions and recommendations for anyone who visits The Big Apple can experience these amazing spots.

The Great Metropolis


New York, New York is the one and only crossroads of the world and converges to enjoy another slice of New York City Paradise.  

Where scads of people from everywhere on earth, who have gobs of time chose to visit celebrate and celebrate another day in The Greatest City on 🌍 earth.

Earth Days 2022


City Images will not celebrate this Earth Day, but we will meditate and reflect on what 🌏  earthlings have done to our planet.

This #EarthDay 🌎 we invite you to read- We think that it is extremely important to get recharged and inspired. Do you agree that the beauty of our planet is truly a unique blessing?

Mickey Has No Clothes


The Mouse has been stripped naked. Florida revokes Disney World’s special status, for criticism of the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Disney's special district pays for its own services, so removing this status means Florida residents will see a higher tax bill. The district also has over $1 billion in debt, which the state would be on the hook for. Florida will go broke thanks to #MoRon.

The Big City


They call NYC The Big Apple, perhaps because we have the tallest buildings, biggest museums, and best and priciest pizza.

Don't get me wrong, I Love New York and you will too as long as you're prepared to pay the high cost of living here and those sky-high prices, with hotel rooms averaging a few hundred per night stay.

Subway Carnage


An NYC Subway assault by a lone gunman shot 10 people and set off a smoke grenade this morning that snarled train service. 

Brooklyn subway shooting suspect Frank James has been arrested by police in New York City's East Village, law enforcement officials tell #CNN. NYPD initially named Frank James as a person of interest in the Brooklyn subway shooting;. Besides the multiple injuries, this shooting incident left New Yorkers scrambling for rides, as some services reportedly decided to hike their fares. Only in NYC.

A Paradise In The Bronx


There is a special small island nestled behind Pelham Park in The Bronx called City Island - A Slice of New York City Paradise.

City Island is a neighborhood in the northeasternmost section of New York City. This small gem is approximately 1.5 miles long by 0.5 miles wide. City Island is a natural trifecta located at the extreme western end of Long Island Sound, south of Pelham Bay and east of Eastchester Bay.

Our Little-Known NYC Paradise


Pelham Bay Park is the largest park in New York City, with a 13-mile coastline, salt marshes, shady forests, and sunny meadows, as well as a 19th-century historic house, the Hunter Island Marine Zoology and Geology Sanctuary, bridle trails, golf courses, bike paths, and the only public beach in the area, known as Orchard Beach, The Bronx Riviera.

RIP Jason Rivera


NYPD Detective Jason "Tata" Rivera was a humble Latino, and 22-year-old son of immigrants, who really believed in his kind gestures.

Police officers attend a funeral service for NYPD officer Jason Rivera, who along with New York City police officer Wilbert Mora, were both killed while responding to a domestic dispute call that turned violent last week.

Bridge Collapses


A bridge in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has collapsed and hurt 10 on the same day @POTUS Joe Biden visits for infrastructure talks.

The collapse prompted rescuers to rappel nearly 150 feet while others formed a human chain to help save people from a bus. The Pittsburgh bridge crumbled early this morning just hours before President Biden was scheduled to visit the city to talk about the infrastructure bill.