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U.S. Wealth by Generation

Finally, we subtract liabilities from assets to arrive at total wealth by generation in the United States. Figures again are USD and in trillions.

Nikkei Asia: Banks

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Venture capital tries to find a way in the post-SVB era. Southeast Asia aspires to host the next startup financing ecosystem.

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The effects of Silicon Valley Bank's collapse could ripple through the innovation economy for years.   


A Global Recession

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The White House says it has an economic story worth telling. Now, it’s time to tell, American voters that it’s a worldwide problem.

The Republicans want to celebrate the global economic downturn they helped create by once again lying to USA taxpayers and pointing the fickle finger of fate. But Americans know best. It is the GOP Economy.

Classical Gas

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We went searching for the least expensive gas available in the New York City area and paid $4.79 or $76.77 at BJ's to fill up two cars.

If you are an American consumer who paid a fortune at the pump this weekend, please know that Democrats recently voted to crack down on gas gouging and every single republican voted no.

Here Comes The Fed

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Experts say greed causes inflation. Like pride, lust, gluttony, sloth, anger, and envy, greed is a deadly sin because it causes others. 

Greed takes the form of overwork. Consumerism is a view of the human person that reduces us only to what we can afford to buy and consume.

Return To Colonialism?

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The United States Supreme Court has issued.a ruling

The Dark Wave

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Over one thousand Americans died from COVID on Thanksgiving Day and more were financially destitute and hungry on Thursday.

President Trump's continues lying about his election loss without providing any proof as his GOP rhetoric hampers recovery and Americans face heightened economic and health fears. 

Our national economy is in a dangerous and vulnerable spot entering the 2020 holiday season because POTUS and Republicans have failed to approve the necessary economic relief package, while The White House continually downplayed the COVID pandemic.

Anthem For Our Times

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As food pantry lines form all over the nation, "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" confronts a flashback of the Great Depression.