A Global Recession

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The White House says it has an economic story worth telling. Now, it’s time to tell, American voters that it’s a worldwide problem.

The Republicans want to celebrate the global economic downturn they helped create by once again lying to USA taxpayers and pointing the fickle finger of fate. But Americans know best. It is the GOP Economy.

While wages are up, and gas prices go down, and following a year of fits and starts, The Democrats led by POTUS clinched congressional deals aimed at reshaping major parts of the U.S. economy and cementing Joe Biden’s presidential legacy.

If The Democrats gain a couple of additional seats in Congress, they will make sure America gets a fair tax system that favors everyone, individuals, families, small businesses, and large corporations. Let's bring back the Steve Forbes proposal of the 1980s, a 10-15% FLAT TAX on all income (with the exception of the poorest or very low-income individuals) and absolutely no deductions, tax credits, or otherwise the ability to reduce the tax liability owed. A FLAT TAX on all income, no matter what the source for everyone and every entity whether corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc. with no deductions, would make our income tax system much fairer and reduce the amount of paperwork needed to report and for the IRS to collect. You could essentially prepare an income tax return on a postcard. Remember the FLAT TAX PLAN?

POTUS on food prices: “The Department of Agriculture is taking a step today to promote competition in meat poultry markets […] by providing grants to small businesses so they can compete with the big four and provide competition, lower cost of grocery stores.”

American registered voters will use their heads and realize given the global pandemic and the amount of time Trump took to inform the general public about the spread. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the potential for a recession is clear. But We The People should not vote for the Republican Party and put them back in control.

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