Divided Republicans in Denial

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The Grand Old Party is at the edge of a political precipice for the first time since it was founded in 1854 by opponents of the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which allowed for the potential expansion of chattel slavery into the western territories. 

GOP Epiphany

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The Republicans experience of a sudden and striking realization. The Grand Old Party will have a philosophical and political discovery.

The US House of Representatives select committee charged with investigating the January six insurrection holds its first public hearing. The committee will hear testimony from four police officers who were on the front lines the day of the attack.

Are Republican Liars and Criers?

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The GOP weeks ago initially rejected a bi-partisan commission to investigate the US Capitol insurrection and get to just the facts.

The Republicans had the opportunity for a bipartisan commission but the Senate said no and the House members are whining about the Democrat House Speaker rejecting two out of five recommendations because they may be key investigation witnesses. The GOP is hell-bent on promoting a complete distortion of facts.

The Popular President

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating has an average of 56 percent and rising, which is higher than the last guy ever had.

Gallup's Presidential Election Center to compare key indicators that put the 2020 election in historical context. Line graph. Americans' job approval rating for President Donald Trump, the trend from 2017 to 2021. The high reading in the trend (occurred several times) is 49 percent; the low reading from January 2021 is 34 percent.

Cuba Si and NO?

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Anger at deteriorating living conditions in the Communist island has galvanized a grassroots movement led by artists and musicians demanding freedom of expression, civil rights, and ending to one-party grip by The Castros suppression.

Is the Governor pulling his support or is Mo Ron DeSantis talking out of both sides of his mouth in a moment of clueless GOP insanity?

Abbott and Cause Fella

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Every American may be familiar with the classic comic duo of Abbot and Costello’s 1940s who’s on first favorite comedy routine. 

From restricting voter access and politicizing the US-Mexico border to targeting transgender student-athletes to further rolling back abortion rights, Texas representatives, Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz priorities read like a con man’s bingo card.

These two clowns have updated it to modern times. Trumpeter Governor Greg Abbott is vowing to arrest Democrat legislators who decided to mess with Texas by leaving left the state.

The Mess in Texas

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While the GOP Governor claims he’ll call for a special session after special session until the next election, Democrats refuse to stay.

Texas state House Democrats have left the state in an effort to block Republicans from passing a restrictive new voting law in the remaining 27 days of the special legislative session called by Governor Greg Abbott.

Caribbean Crisis

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Caribbean counties are taking it to the streets. Consider the protests in Cuba, the president of Haiti assassinated, and Venezuela arrest.

Even a well-intentioned USA intervention in Haiti, Cuba,  Venezuela, or anywhere else in the region will set off alarm bells across the Caribbean and throughout Latin America.

The difficult truth is that America is not going to be the primary engine of political change in either Haiti or Cuba. Meaningful, durable political change in both nations lies in the hands of the populations themselves.

Liar Making Frivolous Claims

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Our founding fathers made it crystal clear while writing The US Constitution,  that by the way, have you read it in its entirety?

Know that It does not matter what language we use, the message is going to be the same… #LoserLiar #TwiceImpeached #LameDuckDonald. Tu demanda contra Facebook, Twitter, Google y YouTube no tiene mérito… Your lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube is without merit… 针对 Facebook、Twitter、Google 和 YouTube 的诉讼毫无.

Haiti Coup?

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Double sevens were not at all lucky for the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse. He was assassinated overnight. The Prime minister says an attack carried out by armed commando group’ that included foreign elements. First Lady Martine Moïse was injured in the attack and is receiving medical treatment.

The assassination of Jovenel Moïse is drawing condemnation from world leaders, along with calls for calm and unity in Haiti.