The Republican Coup


Did Trump sell out his homeland to become the American dictator so Communists could evict the United States from Europe and Asia?

As a result, POTUS Joe Biden is facing major foreign policy challenges in his first year. Unlike China, little Putin’s Russia is a tiny economic midget among global powers. Its economy ranks 11th in the world, behind Brazil’s, and it’s about the size of South Korea’s. Russia can't win a head-on confrontation with Washington, that's why he needs China’s Xi.

Turncoats or Sellouts?


Are these two DINO sellouts, turncoats, or brave warriors who will protect the right to vote? It depends on your side of the aisle.

POTUS Presser


POTUS Joe Biden celebrated his first year in office with a nationally televised live 2-hour news conference this afternoon.

The best question of the press conference did not come from a journalist. President Biden asked, “ What Are Republicans For? ” At his press conference, the president tried to get the media to examine the GOP as intensely as they grilled him about his poll numbers and inflation troubles. It’s unlikely to work.

GOP Voting Rights?


Are all the Republicans still trying to keep American citizens from voting to destroy Democracy and regain USA political control?

Despite the horrific year that the Democrats have endured, much of it can be blamed on the GOP obstruction and The White House messaging, but things are already improving.

Saving American democracy requires defeating an un-American attack on the vote in multiple states by approving legislation  for federal protections.



I’m an independent recruited by and served under Republican President George HW Bush’s administration as GM/15-10 at USIA/VOA.

The Grand Old Party will never be the same after the Big Lie

Republicans said the stock market would fall under President Biden

They claimed Americans wouldn’t be able to find a turkey for Thanksgiving

They said kids wouldn’t be able to get any gifts for Christmas

They insisted that #Covid would disappear, the said it as just a huge hoax

They said the FBI, BLM, and Antifa organized the January 6 US Capitol Riot

Register To Vote


Voting is fundamental to Democracy. The US Constitution ensures this as one of our fundamental rights. by serving #WeThePeople

Reversing Voting Wrongs


POTUS issues an urgent call to protect the constitutional right to vote and safeguard the integrity of USA democratic elections.

Back in 2006, US Senators unanimously reauthorized the Voting Rights Act. However, today, only one #Republican senator supports it. And none of them has endorsed the Freedom to Vote Act. Therefore unless they do something about the filibuster, #WeThePeople must fight our sacred right to vote.

On The Waterfront


New Yorkers are increasingly using the vastly underutilized waterfront for ferry service as an environmental alternative to automobiles.

NYC Ferry has the largest #USA passenger fleet with a total of 38 vessels, providing between 20–90 minute service on each of the routes, depending on the season. A ferry to St. George, Staten Island, and a stop in Throgs Neck/Ferry Point Park launched in 2021, while a route to Coney Island is planned.

The Mourning After


Deplorables who choose to fight against their own country should never be allowed to call themselves patriots or national heroes.

The anniversary of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol brought no sense of healing to a country that remains deeply divided over the deadly riot, with the nation’s leaders failing to demonstrate a shared commitment to American democracy.

Nobody Cares?


There once was a guy who would constantly lie and spread hate but had nothing significant to state in speeches, and sealed his fate.

He could have focused his energy on serving the people and his nation but instead filled his own pockets and the space he referred to as the swamp. This empty suit wasted his entire life with gaudy excess and nonsense. Most intelligent people saw right through his fake tan, hair, and meaningless stare.