There is a new Sheriff in town and his name is POTUS. This one is much different than the last one who bowed to Putin. President Joe Biden has announced from The Whitehouse that he has leveled an array of sanctions against the Russian government for placing bounties on USA troops, its attempted interference in the 2020 American presidential election, occupation of the Crimea, and other malign activities by the Communists.

A Failing Falling GOP


As a former @USAGov Division Chief for George HW Bush, the last real Republican POTUS, it brings me no pleasure to ask
why American voters ignored the lies and warning signs of the GOP White House and #CULT45 inflicted on our Democracy? How could Republican leaders have voiced early alarms about a rogue president, then discussed it but set them aside? Possibly because they are liars who distort reality to shape their politics. These people are immune to evidence, logic, or scientific information, and they continue to recycle them.



A realistic and raw TV series is a window into the world of crime and punishment in America. It stared in Broward County with Nick Navarro and evolved into the first so-called "reality" show and to this day the most authentic. I first discussed the idea with him back in 79 as a student in Law and Order. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Navarro



I am not a registered Republican, nor a Democrat, but I am a long-time Libra who believes in fairness and always enjoys research. The USA now has 40 thousand deaths and counting. Are we all sick and tired of the lies and hypocrisy yet?

It has been written that when a hypocrite speaks he lies when he gives a promise he breaks it, and when he is trusted he betrays. Does this sound familiar?