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Oh, what a night to count the stars in the galaxy, read a good book, meditate or just about anything, but watch that free for all debate.

The so-called debate was anything but presidential, as it devolved into chaos and acrimony when Trump incessantly interrupted and insulted Biden while the two sparred over the economy, COVID19 pandemic, SCOTUS, and race relations.


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Will The Wizard of Loss turn his luck around tonight, or will Sleepy Joe knock him and his family way the hell out of town?

The Commission on Presidential Debates are sponsors of this First Debate, with over 100 Million viewers expected to watch. 

Campaign 2020 Donald Trump vs Joe Biden 

President Trump and former VP Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, take part in a debate at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Moderator Chris Wallace of FOX News 

Replacing Tricky Dick With Don The Con?
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On Tuesday evening, USA registered voters may have a good look at the two candidates as they face off for the first presidential debate before they cast their ballots.

This ver first debate between Donald J Trump and Joseph R. Biden is scheduled for Tuesday at 9 p.m. It will have an old fashioned feel, and only one moderator, Fox’s Chris Wallace, who Will try to be "as invisible as possible."

City Images would have preferred that both submit to drug tests administered by an independent Swiss Doctor and be subject to lie detectors during the entire event.

From The White House To A Big House?

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Did you hear the one about the corrupt American gangster, who called himself a smart businessman but attained notoriety as a cheat and a liar? His several years' reigns ended when he went to prison for tax fraud because after all is said and done, the key is to follow the money. Financial records show a history of tax avoidance which was eventually going to catch up with him sooner or later. American voters realize the emperor is naked, and his personal assets are really not impressive.

Racing For All Races

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The changing racial and ethnic composition of the USA electorate is amazing and should give all a reason to take notice.

America has become the global melting pot and a real international tossed salad sprinkled with a spicy rich and savory world sauce.

Dark Opportunists

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THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE VOTING  - How many conservative individuals claim to believe in law and order do what he has done his entire life? The thousands of lies, the allegations of rape, tax fraud,  working with Mafiosimoney launderers, and assorted lowlifes.

USA Landslide

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Early voting began today across some states in the USA and although the signs of an electoral landslide are here, there, and almost everywhere in the atmosphere, and there is really no precise definition of a landslide election outcome. Meanwhile, the president wants to get rid of the ballots? 

American 🇺🇸 pollsters, data scientists, campaign experts, and political pundits reserve the term for an overwhelming victory, particularly if the margin of votes cast exceeds great expectations.

Stop American Carnage

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The facts are clear that Americans keep dying every minute of the day and all Republican Donald Trump has to say at his multiple #Corona virus spreader rallies is that #COVID affects "virtually nobody," as the U.S. death toll passes 200,000. We're six weeks away from Election Day.

His Heart's Devotion?
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He has been quoted as hating and even dispising Puerto Ricans, according to those who worked alongside him. Omarosa reportedly says Trump used'a derogatory term for Puerto Ricans. "His total lack of empathy is bad enough, but I believe many of the problems and delays with getting aid ... were partly political," she says in "Unhinged."


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‘Go Away’ Since the beginning of the global #COVID19 pandemic @POTUS has repeatedly said that the #coronavirus will disappear.

Everything Trump touches turns to crap, while he’ll pull out every stop, violate many norms to damage and destroy, the @USAGov

The Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue has reached all the way to the rural USA because Trump is the kind of boss who can’t do the job but won’t go away.

In fact, it has been 33 times so far that @realDonaldTrump has lied to #America about going away in #USA with increasing deaths as millions are infected!