French Fight

Putin puppet Marine Le Pen and French President Emanuel Macron face off once again in their final presidential election.

Unlikely to win the presidential election but within a potential surprise, Marine Le Pen is the new French normal. If Emmanuel Macron is victorious he faces a fractured nation, where his support is French fried.

French President Emmanuel Macron is up against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in a winner-takes-all runoff for the French presidency Sunday.

French President Emmanuel Macron is in the pole position to win reelection Sunday in France's presidential runoff, but his lead over far-right rival Marine Le Pen depends on one major uncertainty: voters who decide to stay home.…

The two fought five years back, but new polls show the lady is a champ and much closer to winning. She’s been trying to draw in young voters who supported more politically extreme candidates in the first round of the election.

France Election: Le Pen's Late Surge Rattles Europe Amid Russian Security Threat…

If victorious, Le Pen would become France's first female president in her third time as a charm attempt at the top grown on the pond.