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We are seeing the future of artificial intelligence and AI is now a huge force that poses challenges for all our lives on Earth.

At the end of the day, the primordial point appears to be what is real as opposed to what's false. Academia and the free press are the essential elements in our global community to be able to attain that and find the best obtainable version of the vetted and scientifically verified truth.

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Me at the Zoo may well be one of the most boring but important headlines ever written online and so it began on YouTube.

It was nearly two decades ago when the first-ever clip was uploaded to YouTube, 18 years ago. That Zoo? The one in San Diego's backyard. 

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Loudmouth neighbors, barking dogs, and leafblowers are enemies while working online, or attending school from home.


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Has artificial intelligence caught up to humans, passed us, or taken a wrong turn somewhere without the assistance of a GPS?

Artificial intelligence is demonstrated by machines, as opposed to humans and other animals. Example tasks in which this is done include speech recognition, computer vision, translation between languages, as well as other mappings of inputs

Does AI Dream of Electric Sheep? Research into neural networks explains why human dreams are often so crazy.

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Since its groundbreaking in 2016, EarthCam was working to document this 67-floor, fluted terra-cotta glass exterior NYC skyscraper.

It took over 48 camera angles, 8 widescreen multi-layered panoramas, and 2.5 million images to deliver this epic time-lapse movie.

EarthCam says "Our fleet of cameras from different vantage points across the city enabled us to capture incredible footage of our tower becoming a permanent part of the New York City skyline.”

Seeing is Believing
ub Fri, 08/26/2022 - 09:08

Seeing is believing is a saying that reportedly goes back to The Bible when Apostle Thomas said, ‘Unless I see I will not believe.’

For this, he has become forever known as ‘Doubting Thomas’. But is it true that seeing is believing? 

What about when we watch a magician perform a trick? What we see is an illusion. And, what about when people are convicted of a crime on eyewitness testimony? We know there are many cases of mistaken identity. 

Roberto FE Soto

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​​​​​​As a young political refugee, multilingual communicator, and US citizen now, I know that my stretched mind causes a spiritual fire.

It has allowed me to embrace new hopes and aspirations to become involved with startups and turnaround projects in a couple of languages. I keep the faith, never lose hope and practice charity. 

I've served as a Manager for a major nonprofit, with the government, and also with commercial companies in major media markets. My work, devotion, and commitment strategy and failure are never an option. This mission can be contagious.

NASA Anniversary
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Happy Birthday to the real Space-force. The original and still the greatest National Aeronautics and Space Administration #NASA.

On this date, Christopher Columbus set sail to the new world and landed in America. Also, the space agency was officially born on July 29, 1958, when Republicans were real patriots and warriors. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act bringing the agency into existence and global admiration. 

Billionaire Dreamer or Liar?
ub Sat, 07/09/2022 - 12:58

Tesla owner Elon Musk tries to back out of his $44 billion #Twitter buy, but the board is committed to the deal and pursues legal action.

The stage for a legal battle, could carry financial risks for the social network and further darken employee morale.

Did anyone really believe those #MAGA trolls and bots that Daddy Musk was going to Make Twitter Great Again? Is he just another grandstand mogul?


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With all the reports about flushing and now burning files at The White House, we began to probe the evolution of the eraser to delete.