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Easy Come Easy Go


The richest in the world lost most money after the pandemic swelled their wallets. From Bezos to Zuckerberg.

Readily won and readily lost, as in Easy come, easy go that's how it is for Jeff or Mark when they play the stock market

This phrase states a truth known since ancient times and expressed in numerous proverbs with slightly different wording 

Mickey Has No Clothes


The Mouse has been stripped naked. Florida revokes Disney World’s special status, for criticism of the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Disney's special district pays for its own services, so removing this status means Florida residents will see a higher tax bill. The district also has over $1 billion in debt, which the state would be on the hook for. Florida will go broke thanks to #MoRon.

London Laundromat


Common knowledge is that Russian billionaire mobsters thrive in London while reportedly enjoying investing.

They're Oligarchs who have a strong connection between Russian money and illicit finances. A recent report by Parliament’s intelligence committee called London a “laundromat” for tainted Russian rubles. London is an airing cupboard: where loot ends up after being rinsed elsewhere.

The Russian ruble weakened to 76 per USD in mid-February as increased geopolitical tension and fears of western retaliation brought investors to sell their ruble positions.

Destroying America?


An interesting connection between a very active Miami, Florida Lobbyist and Trump's white supremacy and insurrectionist movement.

Republican Divide


This guy is now planning a tour with a series of stops but has yet to play for previous rallies not paid his past bills for the last time.