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Of all the isms, the ones I proudly embrace are being able to speak a couple of languages and multiculturalism.

The two primary theories of multiculturalism integrated into a single society are commonly used to describe them as the “melting pot” and the “salad bowl”.

Studying hundreds of older patients, researchers in Germany found that those who reported using a couple of languages daily from a young age scored higher on tests of learning, memory, language, and self-control than patients who spoke only one language.

Pix To Please

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Check out these hilarious moments spotted of people enjoying the,selves at several different locations in NYC and elsewhere.

Most folks, me, myself, and I included always enjoy looking at many funny photos to try and stay in a good mood. 

Don’t you just find it delightful to see a vacation photo you've never seen, or haven’t seen in a long time?

Holy Trifecta

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This is a truly unique weekend, as Easter, Passover, and Ramadan are all being celebrated at the same time by millions globally.

Brother Moon

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Talking, writing, oral, and reading skills simultaneously through understanding the relationship between reading and moon writing.

Are you feeling exhausted, or perhaps not inspired. It could be that you have lots of ideas but lack focus. Whatever the case, when writer’s block, appears, just dismiss your fears with creative inspiration for what to write about.

Just sit down and write your ideas right out of your mind and onto the page. You can find new angles on something you know about.

WIN Win win

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The old Line about how you play the game went out the window with the new win at all costs attitude. That expression “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” has now been updated.

Folks now say that winning is really what matters because we achieve something important. But also for a much bigger reason… It drives growth. for anyone creating or designing new products and services.

From Lenny & Mort to Bert & Ernie

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There is no question that laughter is the best medicine, according to most professionals and average folks we talked to and asked.

Laughter helps boost our immune system

You’ve probably heard the old saying “Laughter is the best medicine.” But it’s more than just an old wives’ tale laughing can reportedly benefit our overall health.

Redirected 重定向 Redirigido

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Sometimes when things seem to be going wrong, we feel like it's the end of the world because we can't see beyond the big picture. When we look back we realize that those hardships were our beautiful destiny. 


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“The first casualty when war comes is truth.”

The original quote is "The first casualty when war comes is truth". Hiram W Johnson, staunchly isolationist senator for California, to the US Senate in 1917 (the year of his election to the Senate, where he remained until his death in 1945).

Women's HERSTORY Month

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Happy Women's Herstory Month to all the ladies on earth and elsewhere, in case there are also intelligent beings on other planets.

March is many things a month when we set back our clocks, a month when we celebrate the return of Spring, a month when we consistently find ourselves over or underdressed for the weather, no matter what the actual temperature is but it is also Women’s History Month!


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I am what I am and love who I am because I am Roberto, aka UB The Island Man. City Island  - A Slice of NYC Paradise.

Love yourself and be grateful for all you have in life. Learn to laugh at the mistakes you make along the way. Each day, feel the enthusiasm for your vision as if it has already happened. Stay open for the remarkable to occur. Young children may teach us something. As adults, we can be persistent in going for what we value.