Our Slice of NYC Paradise


We welcome you to New York, New York, a city so nice we had to write it twice. We are offering you our slice of NYC Paradise.

Now that Spring has sprung and Summer will surely come, we have some interesting suggestions and recommendations for anyone who visits The Big Apple can experience these amazing spots.

The Great Metropolis


New York, New York is the one and only crossroads of the world and converges to enjoy another slice of New York City Paradise.  

Where scads of people from everywhere on earth, who have gobs of time chose to visit celebrate and celebrate another day in The Greatest City on 🌍 earth.

After The Storm


The New York City pounding rains that brought strong winds that pounded The Big Apple into the late-night hours have disappeared.

Since the one topic, we should be talking about is the climate crisis... NYC residents experienced persistent rain and thunderstorms that extend into the early morning hours. The National Weather Service issued warnings of wind gusts and considerable rainfall. Precipitation amounts were higher caused by thunderstorms, which developed throughout the night.

Z Perfect Plea


While Russian forces pressed on killing innocent Ukrainians, President Zelensky addressed members of the U.S. House and Senate.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pressed US lawmakers for urgent military aid and also delivered a speech to the British and Canadian Parliaments, in similar messages pleading for military support. Volodymyr Zelensky

Our Climate Crisis


HELP - While some global regions keep drying up, other areas worldwide will continue to experience extreme flooding dangers.

The United Nations climate report predicts most of the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean will melt by 2035 leading to a complete lack of ice in the Summer season. Since polar bears, penguins, and other animals won't have places to hunt, they'll move inland into parts of Alaska and Canada.



We The People must never forget the criminal contempt spread by Republican liars who served the world a word salad of denials.

The international #Covid death toll surpassed 6 million, according to research data, with #Americans suffering more deaths than any other nation on earth, approximately 960,000 but the #CDC estimates that the actual figure is much higher.

The global COVID death toll could be 18MILLION - three times higher than official records, analysis estimates.

The Invasion Reaction


War is yet another opportunity for this Russian Communist butcher to continue spreading his infectious disease all over the world.

Ukrainian women are joining the ranks of citizen soldiers as they resist the Russian invasion and fight for their lives. The civilian deaths keep piling up while the potential spread of COVID intensifies, pushing back the gains made in the health of the entire free world. The role of women in combat is often overlooked. Here we see former Miss Ukraine has joined the fight against the Russian invasion. 💙💛

Hong Kong Hole


It’s difficult to believe this image was captured by a drone camera, but we are so happy to say that thankfully it is just that.

The operator watches through the drone’s eyes on a tiny screen and can operate it like a video game. Along with all the skills that the drones present from the business world, the sights and scenes that can be captured only through a drone are nothing short of amazing. Take a close look at this image and see.

Central Park NYC


This is a frigid and windy New York City, New York. A special city is so nice they had to name it twice. NYC, NY

When drones were developed, they offered an amazing visual perspective. From military intelligence to home deliveries, the potential behind drones is seemingly endless. This allows a tiny aircraft to fly above, sometimes into confined spaces, while its operator can be miles away.

RIP Jason Rivera


NYPD Detective Jason "Tata" Rivera was a humble Latino, and 22-year-old son of immigrants, who really believed in his kind gestures.

Police officers attend a funeral service for NYPD officer Jason Rivera, who along with New York City police officer Wilbert Mora, were both killed while responding to a domestic dispute call that turned violent last week.