Not A Secret Santa
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MacKenzie Scott has managed to share her massive wealth to such a wonderful degree that she overshadowed and made the macho tech titans look like tightwads. So if she has it and wants to flaunt it, that’s her prerogative.

She says that not only are nonprofits chronically underfunded, but they are also chronically diverted from their work by fund-raising and by burdensome reporting requirements that donors often place on them.

We Need Our Wetlands

Wetlands are valuable ecosystems that can slow erosion, prevent flooding by retaining storm waters, filter and decompose pollutants, and slow global warming by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen at a prodigious rate.

Wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Act. These are vital to the nation's water quality. Their dense vegetation helps filter out toxins as water flows through. Wetlands provide key fish and bird habitat and protect coastal land from hurricanes.


Financial Markets Commentary

It was an event a year ago that presaged the biggest story of 2017’s fourth quarter. In October 2016, Australia’s Brighann Cotton sold 88 bales of cotton from their Texas affiliate to a client in China. It wasn’t carried out in a routine way by obtaining letters of credit from the relevant
banks in each country. That process has become prohibitively complex for all but the largest corporations who have their financing denied more often than not. Recently established international banking regulations require the banks issuing those letters to carry more of the risk

Out of Order Tax Cuts ub Fri, 11/17/2017 - 13:42

Here's an idea for Congress to consider, instead of blowing the hatch from their stinking careers. Businesses and rich people who own stocks are doing great. They make loads of money, while regular folks are not doing so well because the government has allowed wages to be capped.

Quack Exploits America

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It was not the first time this occurred and unfortunately, it will not be the last. Do you know how a faker and a grandstander managed to get away with exploiting America utilizing the power of the media?

Allow me to tell you a story about a man whose initials are DJ. He came to be known as a liar, a mass media manipulator, who filed for bankruptcy and ended up being charged with criminal fraud.

-In every age, in time there is a great seething moronic underworld who are literate, but they can't think, so they live off their emotions and vote on their prejudices... And so it goes.

30th anniversary of the 1987 Crash

Reminiscent of the terrible 2005 Hurricane season, the third quarter of 2017 witnessed a series of
natural disasters which caused historic flooding in Texas, ravaged the entire Florida peninsula and
devastated the island of Puerto Rico. Out West, destructive wildfires are leaving some of
America’s finest wineries in ashes. All are producing promises of government assistance which
has economists busy calculating the stimulative effects of the increased spending. Replacing
almost a million cars in Houston and rebuilding homes throughout the affected areas are sure to


Summer Vacation

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If you're reading this, you're ready, willing and capable of going on vacation, but you don't want to pay a travel agent, you're not sure where to start, and you're a DIY kind of person who's willing to put in some elbow grease.

This may serve as a handy list to help you plan a getaway, from getting good flight deals to making sure you won't get stranded abroad. You want to get away for a while. This is the best way to go from daydreaming about far-off destinations to actually visiting them.

Economic Forecast

If the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were not limited to the Mediterranean region, the Great Wall of China would likely make the list. The one that made later lists was mostly built in and after the 14th century but prior walls were built as far back as 200BC. Defending against Mongol raids was the most obvious purpose but trade and immigration control were also reasons why the Han Dynasty built the early earthen barriers so that workers and goods were accounted for and taxed.