Quack Exploits America

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It was not the first time this occurred and unfortunately, it will not be the last. Do you know how a faker and a grandstander managed to get away with exploiting America utilizing the power of the media?

Allow me to tell you a story about a man whose initials are DJ. He came to be known as a liar, a mass media manipulator, who filed for bankruptcy and ended up being charged with criminal fraud.

-In every age, in time there is a great seething moronic underworld who are literate, but they can't think, so they live off their emotions and vote on their prejudices... And so it goes.

Earlier in my media management career, I was hired as station manager by an American entrepreneur to launch KTRG a TV station on the banks of The Rio Grande. Our team erected the transmitter tower and built a master control facility near the US/Mexico border towns of Eagle Pass http://www.eaglepasstx.us/ and Del Rio http://www.cityofdelrio.com/ in Valverde County, Texas. These Texas towns are across the border from the increasingly lawless city, or Ciudad Acuña http://www.tourbymexico.com/coahuila/acuna/acuna.htm and Black Rocks, or Piedras Negras, where 150 People recently disappeared http://bit.ly/2yI98ms in Coahuila, Mexico.

While living near the shores of Lake Amistad https://www.nps.gov/amis/index.htm I learned about a man who was commonly known as Goat Gland Dr. John Brinkley - Documentary https://youtu.be/HkMXDVBnrv4
Which Brings us to John R. Brinkley, The Goat Gland Doctor https://youtu.be/dyMQwED7sI4

The station I helped launch has since been sold a couple of times after changing formats, but the infamous media legend of Dr. John continues to this day.

How a quack doctor exploited the Texas-Mexico border and became a legend in American radio http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/history-culture/article/How-a-qu… via @mySA