Climate Change


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An above-normal Atlantic hurricane season is likely this year: According to NOAA

Buckle up because El Niño is almost here, and it’s going to get hot. Prepare for temperatures reaching ‘uncharted territory,’ the World Meteorological Organization warns.


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One of those urban areas where residents aren’t used to temperature extremes and many homes don't have air conditioning,  

In a world where temperatures rise 5-10 degrees, unlike Floridians, San Francisco residents are ill-equipped for dealing with heat and it could be economically damaging.

Other cities with more gradually increasing risk on the Moody’s Analytics list are: 

Cape Coral, FL

New York City

Long Island, NY

Oakland, CA


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NOAA declares El Nino watch, with large-scale atmospheric and oceanic changes being detected for the next ENSO phase.

El Niño is the cycle's warm phase when ocean temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean rise and there is more precipitation. El Niño causes the Pacific jet stream to move south and spread further east.

What to watch for: El Nino likely to develop this summer…


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While talking with a troubled individual in Mariposas, California, they underlined the dangers of Climate Change despite Trump's lies.


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PRIMAVERA - La sonrisa es una de las expresiones más poderosas que existen, capaz de cambiar el estado de ánimo de cualquier persona en cuestión de segundos. Cuando sonreímos, nuestro cerebro libera endorfinas, neurotransmisores responsables de generar sensaciones de felicidad y bienestar. 


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Following flooding, resident Herbert Estrada is seen fleeing bird rescue from his home along Salinas Road in Pajaro, California.

For those who do not speak Spanish, the word Pajaro means bird in English. In many ways, the town of Pajaro has become ground zero for the latest atmospheric river storm walloping in California, the 11th of the season.

Worldwide Weather Woes

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Our planet kicked off another year with a warm start: January 2023 ranked as the seventh-warmest January in 174 years.

The average global land and ocean surface temperature was 1.57 degrees F (0.87 of a degree C) above average, ranking as the seventh-warmest January in NOAA's global climate record.

January 2023 marked the 47th-consecutive January and the 527th-consecutive month, with temperatures above the 20th-century average. 

Sea ice at both ends of the world also ran very low, according to NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).