Zoom Skype Facetime

Submitted by ub on Tue, 08/25/2020 - 11:27

A friend and colleague recently reached out for video conference tips. She is intelligent, young, and attractive, but I wanted to point out that there are many reasons these days to avoid touching your face. In one video a person’s screen froze and during the rest of their conversation. Unfortunately, the individual had just touched their lips, so it really looked like a nose-picking moment.

Subscribe To This

Submitted by ub on Wed, 07/15/2020 - 12:25

Do you remember when TV was free and commercials were fun to watch? Now it appears more folks are dear to paying for services.

The streaming apocalypse has long been foretold, and with the latest launch, it feels like we’ve reached its apotheosis. Each new platform seems to generate less buzz, while the symptom of a consumer base that’s weary of too many subscriptions.