POTUS Presser

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POTUS Joe Biden celebrated his first year in office with a nationally televised live 2-hour news conference this afternoon.

The best question of the press conference did not come from a journalist. President Biden asked, “ What Are Republicans For? ” At his press conference, the president tried to get the media to examine the GOP as intensely as they grilled him about his poll numbers and inflation troubles. It’s unlikely to work. https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/biden-press-conference-2/

The 7 most important lines from Joe Biden's news conference


President Biden took questions from many representatives of news outlets and was frank, direct, and never once attacked any journalist, or called the fake news.

Biden appears to lose his cool after a reporter's question on divisiveness: 'Go back and read what I said'

Biden said, 'That is an interesting reading of English 


Biden says our nation weary from COVID but rising


'Our work's not done' Biden says at one-year mark https://www.reuters.com/world/us/biden-address-skeptics-presidency-near…

The president faced reporters a day before he's due to mark his first year in office and after a bruising week in which his political standing took a hit amid record inflation, failed efforts to push through voting rights legislation, and a Supreme Court ruling against a key component of his vaccine campaign. 

President Biden took office a year ago, and the #USA was in crisis. Some 18 million Americans were receiving unemployment benefits and less than 1 percent of adults were vaccinated. Today, the unemployment rate has dropped to 3.9 percent and nearly 75 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated.