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DEVASTATING DESTRUCTION. Burned Down During Aleppo Battle.
The countless of live and the destruction of the covered market, which was once part of a UN world heritage site has become another small tragedy in Syria’s blood-soaked 18-month old conflict.

FRENCH LEFTISTS. Marching Against Austerity.
Paris protesters demanded a referendum on the EU’s new fiscal discipline treaty in the latest of a series of protests in countries hit by the Euro zone crisis.

OBAMA vs ROMNEY. US Candidates’ Futures To Be Decided At Debate.
Stakes are especially high for Wednesday's debate in an election that is supposed to be close.
Meanwhile, the debt limit includes a rise in the US borrowing limit as part of the talks to avoid the fiscal cliff, while the White House under fire over Libya attack after assertions that the attack was part of spontaneous protests, the Director of National Intelligence has now concluded there were links to al-Qaeda

HAPPY MOON FESTIVAL. The largest, Brightest of The Year.
This year's 2012 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is now on. Billions of people enjoy one day off on that day which is usually connected with the bountiful harvest.