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Romney seeks Ohio votes as Obama preps for debate. GOP Candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan went back to school on Saturday to rally college students in all corners of all-important Ohio and hammer at President Barack Obama for going easy on China over unfair trade practices. Obama took precious time off the campaign trail to practice for the next debate against his GOP rival. It was an unspoken acknowledgment of the importance that Obama attaches to upping his game in Debate No.2 that the president is largely dropping out of sight for five straight days in the final weeks of the race to prepare for Tuesday's encounter in Hempstead, N .Y.

TURKISH PREMIER SLAMS UN. Security Council On Syria.
The Prime Minister of Turkey has criticized the U.N. Security Council for its failure to agree on decisive steps to end Syria's civil war, as NATO ally Germany backed the Turkish interception of a Damascus-bound passenger jet earlier in the week. Recep Tayyip Erdogan told an international conference in Istanbul that the world was witnessing a humanitarian tragedy in Syria.

US COLLISION. Navy Says Submarine and Cruiser Collide.
The Pentagon is investigating why a Navy submarine collided with an Aegis cruiser during routine operations at an undisclosed location. The U.S. Fleet Forces Command said in a news release that the submarine USS Montpelier and the Aegis cruiser USS San Jacinto collided. No one was injured, and the extent of any damage to the vessels was not clear Saturday evening, said Lt. Commander Brian Badura of the Fleet Forces Command.

FED POLICIES. To Help Emerging Markets.
Chairman Ben Bernanke is rejecting arguments that the Federal Reserve's bold moves to bolster U.S. job growth could have unwanted consequences in emerging market countries. Bernanke disagrees with criticism that the Fed's efforts to drive U.S. interest rates lower could result in higher inflation, or trigger a destabilizing flood of investment money into those nations.

SHUTTLE'S NEW SPACE. Craft Closer To Retirement.
It's new home will be at LA museum and at every turn of Endeavour's stop-and-go commute through urban streets, a constellation of spectators trailed along as the space shuttle passed stores, schools, churches and front yards. Having escaped out of Earth's atmosphere two dozen times, Endeavour's slow-speed trek Saturday to its retirement center took it through the working-class streets of southern Los Angeles.