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SOCIAL SECURITY INCREASES. Recipients Learn How Benefits Change.
Many seniors receiving Social Security benefits have outlived their savings and those monthly checks are the sole source of income.

ROUND TWO. Presidential Debates.
US voters ask questions during the town hall debate, but will be reviewed before a selecting is made. Meanwhile, a fiscal showdown is set to unfold between Election Day and Inauguration Day, no matter who wins.

FDA WARNING. Contaminated Products.
The agency says products from a Massachusetts supplier that are linked to a meningitis outbreak may have also caused other types of serious infections.

MONTANA HIKERS. Found Alive and Well.
Rescue teams at Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana successfully searched in wintery conditions for the two East Coast hikers.

SOUTH DAKOTA EXECUTION. Inmate Who Killed Prison Guard.
A man who beat his prison guard with a pipe and covered his head in plastic wrap to kill him during a failed escape attempt was executed in a first since 2007.