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GEORGIAN DREAM AWAKES. Georgian Election Rivals Claim Victory.
The opposition has won and the president concedes as the opposition alliance led by Bidzina Ivanishvili but the president’s ruling party may retain overall majority.

CHINESE GOVERNMENT HAS HIGH HOPES. Remains Positive While Growth Decreases.
Many the country’s citizens express satisfaction with the current state of the economy even as it grinds towards its slowest growth in a decade. Meanwhile, US raises Chinese investment fears as the Treasury says Obama’s blocking of a Chinese company claiming national security from developing wind farms in Oregon does not set a precedent.

POLITICAL QUESTIONS. Who Is Victorious in Venezuela
Whether, oe not Hugo Chávez hangs on to the presidency, or Henrique Capriles takes over will be determined during elections, therefore this country’s future is far from bright.

US FOREIGN AID. Increasingly Under Fire.
High level White House meetings are examining al-Qaeda threats as US aid deliberations include whether to prepare for unilateral strikes following the latest embassy attacks, the increasing US deficit and election politics reduce soft-power U.S. programs abroad. Meanwhile
U.S. government personnel are withdrawn from Benghazi, Libya as State Department announces that diplomatic outreach to Libya’s second-largest city is being done remotely.
Also in Afghanistan, troops fire on U.S. patrol unlike most insider attacks, this weekend incident involved more than one Afghan soldier and two Americans were killed.

Coastal communities need to plan for the future and they can turn to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. With many communities facing pressures from population growth and development, there has been a greater need for accurate aerial mapping and an understanding of what has been taking place over a long period of time.